Disney Dreamlight Valley time travel bug fix: How to fix broken item spawns & crops

Disney Dreamlight valley planting cropsDisney / Gameloft

Introduced in the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley patch, a new bug is stopping players from finding, collecting, and harvesting items. We have a handy fix to stop any further frustrations.

The 1.05 Disney Dreamlight Valley patch fixed many frustrating bugs within the popular life-sim, but it also introduced a few new problems. One of which is a bug that’s been stopping players from collecting items, harvesting food, and many more quality-of-life activities.

These issues have prevented players from completing quests, giving gifts, and going through their Dreamlight tasks. Luckily, there’s a temporary fix that can get you back up and running again on your quest to save Dreamlight Valley.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley bugDisney / Gameloft
The bug stops players from finding or collecting certain items in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What does the bug do to Disney Dreamlight Valley gameplay?

The 1.0.5 Disney Dreamlight Valley patch has fixed many recognizable problems with the cozy life-sim game. However, it seems to have introduced another bug that’s undeniably frustrating to deal with.

Essentially, after the patch, three main issues have come to light:

  • Players are unable to find certain items
  • Players can’t collect items like wood, mushrooms, and other region-based resources
  • Players can’t collect their recently planted ingredients

Thankfully, there is a potential fix for the problems, although a permanent fix will likely come in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s next patch.

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How to fix the item spawns and collection bug

One of the primary fixes many have been using to counter the recent bug is the time skip method.

The time skip method can be completed in a few easy steps:

  1. Leave the game
  2. Change your console or PC’s clock forward a day
  3. Return back to the game which should be set to the new time

This will reset the game’s spawns and hopefully fix the problem until Gameloft release the next patch to stop the bug entirely.

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