Disney Dreamlight Valley set to add rides in next Star Path and players can’t wait

Disney Dreamlight Valley ridesDisney / Gameloft

With the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update scheduled for April 5, fans are eagerly awaiting all the new additions on the way, including the Disney Parks Star Path, which has already got fans preparing their valleys.

Along with the variety of new characters, realms, quests, and hopefully recipes, Disney Dreamlight Valley will regularly introduce a new themed Star Path, featuring a variety of exciting new content. Update four’s theme is “Celebrate the Disney Park” meaning each outfit, furniture, or item will lean towards the classic rides and parks many know and love.

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On March 30, 2023, Disney Dreamlight Valley shared a sneak peek of what players can expect from the next update, boasting some sort of gliding mechanism, glowing ears, new benches, and some of the fans’ favorite rides. Naturally, players can’t wait to decorate their Valleys, and potentially get on a few rides.

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans dream of getting on rides in game

One Reddit user took to the platform to share their excitement regarding the teaser on Twitter, stating how they “really want to see my valley from the top of a Ferris wheel,” expressing their excitement for the new features.

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Naturally, many other fans were excited about the idea of riding these new features, but some were hesitant to believe it will be an added element. with one player taking to the comments to show their skepticism, stating how they “feel like the chances of them being rideable are slim to none. The teacup ride looks fully enclosed, so I’m not sure how you would be able to get on it. It would be neat, but I’m certainly not banking on it.”

Others agreed, writing how they were “accepting the fact that we might not be able to ride” the features being added. Despite this, many are still hopeful, with some wanting to “see some of the characters on them as well as get on ourselves” going on to explain how they haven’t “been this excited since the game first came out.”

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However, although some fans were a little hesitant, many were thrilled to see the additions, with eagle-eyed players spotting “a dumbo ride on the right as well.”

Others have already started planning to “make a little theme park” already, with many placing Woody’s house in the mix.

It’s not been confirmed whether the rides will be rideable or how players will be able to get hold of them but all will be revealed on April 5th in the next update. For more Disney Dreamlight Valley content and coverage for the new update, take a look at our hub.

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