Disney Dreamlight Valley reveals 2023 Roadmap featuring Encanto, Multiplayer & new Realms

Disney Dreamlight Valley patch notesDisney / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley has announced a 2023 roadmap loaded with new content, characters, and mechanics. Players will have plenty to look forward to, including the highly anticipated multiplayer mode.

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans had an exciting end to 2022 with the holiday content and debut of Stitch, but many are ready to dive deep into the next round of activities. Thankfully, it looks like plenty is in store for the Disney Slice-of-Life, as a new 2023 roadmap has been revealed, offering details on upcoming updates and patches.

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So far, Stitch and Scar have both come to the game, offering new questlines and challenges for players to engage in. Stitch’s debut was particularly interesting, as it took weeks of real-time gameplay to unlock the little, blue alien.

However, the 2023 roadmap has revealed plenty more for players to look forward to, including new character debuts, upcoming Star Paths, and mechanic additions like Multiplayer gameplay.

Disney Dreamlight Valley teases Encanto and The Lion King

In a new post shared by Disney Dreamlight Valley developers, fans were given the first look at the 2023 roadmap, which details updates for February, April, and early summer.

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In the new log, it has been revealed that players will meet “an exceptional new villager” as well as ” a special snowman” in February alongside the Star Path celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Disney franchise. These hints indicate that Encanto’s Mirabel and Frozen’s Olaf are likely joining the Disney Dreamlight Valley crew.

Additionally, it seems a new realm featuring characters from The Lion King will come in April as well as a Star Path dedicated to Disney Parks. However, some of the most exciting content coming to the game is listed in the “more to come” segment of the roadmap. Here, new features like Multiplayer gameplay are planned for 2023.

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With so much to look forward to, it seems early access gameplay for Disney Dreamlight Valley will be more exciting than ever in the coming months.

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