Disney Dreamlight Valley players unsettled by lurking Mickey and Goofy encounters

Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Mickey Horror MovieDisney, Nintendo

Disney Dreamlight Valley is the perfect way for Disney and slice-of-life fans to enjoy a wholesome gaming experience. However, some players have found themselves in a few unsettling situations with Goofy and Mickey.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has released in early access across consoles, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. The game combines classic Disney elements with popular slice-of-life and farming mechanics, creating a wholesome Kingdom-Hearts-reminiscent adventure.

While exploring the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley and creating connections with favorite Disney characters is one of the biggest draws of the game, a few players have noticed some questionable habits among town residents.

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Iconic Disney originals Goofy and Mickey have shown a particularly unsettling habit of persistently following players as they go about their daily chores. Some instances create scenes similar to a horror movie, with players desperately running away only to find the characters lurking in their homes or around their farms after they believe they’ve escaped.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Mickey Mouse is a true Mickey Meyers

In a recent Disney Dreamlight Valley video shared by Loudwindow on Twitter, Mickey Mouse’s horror movie tendencies are seen in full swing. The mouse appears behind the main character, smiling widely and staring off in random directions. He then begins following the player’s character.

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The captions, which read as “Mickey, get away from me” and “distress”, escalate the situation as the player desperately runs from the franchise mascot. Finally, the player makes it to their home, opening the door with Mickey well behind them. As the room loads, however, Mickey is found standing in the room, smiling eerily.

In another video shared by gemfoks on Twitter, the player closes the menu to find Goofy standing directly behind them, towering over their avatar. The situation is made even more unsettling as the player is backed into a corner and up against a wall.

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Additionally, uravitykiss comments “someone has got to fix the sound effect of goofy fishing in dreamlight valley it sounds like he’s choking every time and it’s kinda a jumpscare” in reference to the sound effects from Goofy that can be heard even when he isn’t in sight.

While it is likely the characters will receive tweaks and improvements in upcoming content updates for Disney Dreamlight Valley, the current version’s lurking Disney icons and jump-scare quality appearances definitely add a horror element to the slice-of-life game. Some may even miss running frantically away from Mickey Mouse if he becomes less intrusive in future versions of the game.

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