Disney Dreamlight Valley December 16 hotfix patch notes: Bug fixes, quest reworks & more

Disney Dreamlight Valley hotfixDisney / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley has released a new hotfix to help squash some bugs, fix some rather frustrating quest problems, and more. Here’s everything involved in the December 16 hotfix update.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley December 16 hotfix has added a few major changes to help players have an easier and smoother experience. These changes are primarily quest-related but will strive to fix any issues players are having with the new Toy Story update.

With some players struggling to enjoy the new update thanks to these bugs, we’ve put together everything being fixed or changed in the Disney Dreamlight Valley December 16 hotfix so you can get back to building the perfect Dreamlight Valley.

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Major Changes in Disney Dreamlight Valley hotfix

December 16 patch notesDisney / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley has released a hotfix to address some quest issues and reoccurring bugs after its recent Toy Story update.

These include fixing problems regarding exiting Buzz Lightyear’s home as well as the reported issue that his house is disappearing. This, in turn, stops players from fully accessing the new character and will likely be a welcome fix.

The next main fixes are surrounding quests. Firstly, A ‘Deal with Ursula’ will be altered to recognize players who already have the Dark Crystals in their inventory, meaning they won’t be told to pick up unobtainable resources.

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Then, Woody’s ‘You’re My Favorite Deputy’ quest will be easier to complete due to the resources required being made to spawn in obtainable locations rather than being blocked by obstacles. Next, the Mystery of Stolen Socks quest, required to get Stitch, will be fixed. Some players were unable to get the clue regarding Stitch, therefore, making him unreachable.

The last major fix is regarding Woody’s Illumination quest. Many players were reporting that they were unable to complete the quest, despite placing the item in the required location. This will now be fixed in the new Disney Dreamlight Valley hotfix update.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley December 16 Hotfix Patch Notes

  • Story-related items will no longer appear in the crafting menu before they are intended to be available.
  • Improved feedback in Buzz Lightyear’s house to make it easier to exit.
  • “You’re My Favorite Deputy” quest: Improved item spawns to prevent them from falling outside of the map or into static objects.
  • “Restoring the Sunstone” quest: We are continuing to push iterative fixes to help users who are still encountering issues with this quest. Today’s fix should help some players, but we are continuing to investigate, as we anticipate the issue may persist for others. We will be keeping a close eye on this through the next update.
  • “A Deal With Ursula” quest: Players will now be able to place the four crystals on the pedestals necessary to complete this quest.
  • “The Mystery of Stolen Socks” quest: The next step of this quest will now be accessible for players who clear the necessary trash. Donald and Dreamlight Valley thank you!
  • “The Illumination” quest: Placing the blanket fort in the house will now complete this quest.
  • Boba tea is great. Giant boba tea is even better! But in the Valley… maybe it was a little too big. Boba tea items will now appear as their intended, normal size.
  • Various stability and optimization improvements.

Those are all the patch notes for the December 16 Disney Dreamlight Valley Hotfix including bug fixes and quest improvements.