Detroit Become Human cast: Voice actors for all characters

The three main cast of characters in Detroit Become HumanQuantic Dream

The Detroit Become Human cast features some very familiar faces (and voices) that you might recognize, so we’ve rounded up all of the actors behind the game’s main characters.

Detroit Become Human is an acclaimed narrative-driven game by Quantic Dream that follows the story of three sentient androids in the year 2038, with the decisions made by the player affecting their fates and, ultimately, the game’s ending.

Just like in the movies, you need some top-tier talent to carry a good story along, and Detroit Become Human has a stellar cast of voice actors that have been recreated as characters in the game to make it as engaging as possible.

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Below, you’ll find details of the Detroit Become Human cast, as well as information about the characters they play and other roles you might have seen them in.

Detroit Become Human cast & characters

Markus: Jesse Williams

Markus in the Detroit Become Human cast

Arguably the most recognizable face in Detroit Become Human is Jesse Williams, whose likeness and vocal talents were lent to Markus, the caretaker protagonist who dedicates himself to freeing other androids like himself from servitude.

Jesse Williams has starred in multiple movies like The Cabin in the Woods, The Butler, and Band Aid. He also appeared in the long-running TV series Grey’s Anatomy, where he played Dr Jackson Avery for 11 seasons.

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Kara: Valorie Curry

Kara portrayed by Valorie Curry in Detroit Become Human's cast

Valorie Curry plays the second protagonist, Kara, a housekeeper android who develops artificial consciousness and becomes responsible for a young girl’s safety during the course of Detroit Become Human’s story.

Outside of her work in video games, Valorie Curry has appeared in multiple TV shows like Veronica Mars and The Following, as well as 2016’s movie Blair Witch. She also played Charlotte in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Connor: Bryan Dechart

The character Connor appearing in Detroit Become Human

The final playable character in Detroit Become Human, Connor, is portrayed by Bryan Dechart. Unlike the other protagonists, Connor is an android police investigator whose job is to hunt down sentient androids (also known as deviants).

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Bryan Dechart is known for appearances in the TV series Jane by Design and the movie The Remaining. He’s also lent his voice to games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077, and now streams on Twitch with his wife Amelia Rose Blaire.

Hank Anderson: Clancy Brown

Hank in the Detroit Become Human cast

Hank Anderson is a significant non-playable character in Detroid Become Human, portrayed by Clancy Brown. Despite hating androids, he’s forced to work alongside Connor on a case involving hunting down deviant androids.

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Clancy Brown has been appearing in various TV and movie roles since the 1980s, with highlights including Bad Boys, Starship Troopers, and The Shawshank Redemption. He also provides the voice for Mr Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants.

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North: Minka Kelly

North appearing in Detroit Become Human

Actress and model Minka Kelly portrays North, a non-playable android in Detroit Become Human who is a close friend of the protagonist Markus, often giving him advice and accompanying him on his journey through the game.

Minka Kelly landed her first starring role in NBC drama Friday Night Lights, and has since appeared in shows like Charlie’s Angels, Almost Human, and Jane the Virgin. More recently, she played Dove in the DC Universe series Titans.

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Carl Manfred: Lance Henriksen

Carl appearing in Detroit Become Human cast

Markus’ owner in Detroit Become Human, a celebrated painter called Carl Manfred, is played by actor Lance Henrisken. While Carl relies on the android Markus for care, he also teaches him about culture, literature, and music.

Lance Henriksen is perhaps most famous for portraying Bishop in the Alien franchise, but he’s also voiced several video game characters like General Shepherd in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Fleet Admiral Steven Hackett in the Mass Effect series.

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Daniel: Ben Lambert

The character Daniel in Detroit Become Human's cast

Daniel, played by Ben Lambert, is a domestic android owned by the Philips family who eventually becomes a deviant. After learning he is to be replaced by a newer model, he goes rogue and becomes a key antagonist in Connor’s storyline.

As well as movies like Zero Dark Thirty and True Bloodthirst, Ben Lambert is best known for his roles as Lord Fallon in Harlots and Johnny Mathers in The Windsors. He also made a small appearance as King Virfuril in Netflix’s The Witcher series.

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Elijah Kamski: Neil Newbon

Elijah Kamski in Detroit Become Human

Neil Newbon plays the inventor of androids and founder of Cyberlife, Elijah Kamski. Although he’s resigned as CEO by the start of the game, Connor pays a visit to Elijah to get answers about deviants as part of his storyline.

Outside of Detroit Become Human, you might recognize Neil Newbon as the face and voice of Karl Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village. He also had a dramatic story arc as Simon Walker in the UK soap opera Hollyoaks.

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That’s everything you need to know about Detroit Become Human’s cast and main characters.

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