Destiny 2 players dominate Deep Stone Crypt raid boss without weapons

Tanner Pierce

In what can only be described as an impressive achievement, a group of Destiny 2 players have defeated the boss for the new Deep Stone Crypt raid, Taniks the Abomination, without using any weapons, instead resorting to only using abilities.

Back in early November, Destiny 2 got a brand new expansion called Beyond Light, which added a slew of new content to the game, including a new raid called Deep Stone Crypt, which takes players to Europa, one of the new locations players can travel to.

Raids in Destiny, like in any other game, are known for the difficulty and length, usually requiring a large amount of teamwork and firepower in order to complete one. Now, one group of players has defeated the new raid boss, Taniks the Abomination, in a seemingly spectacular and difficult fashion.

According to one of the players who participated in the raid, YouTuber CommanderCuesta, the group defeated Taniks the Abomination, which is the final boss in the new raid, without using any weapons whatsoever. Instead, the group took him down using only their abilities, a very remarkable accomplishment.

Beyond their abilities, the only other way the player inflicted damage during the entire fight was by using melee attacks, which were mainly used to take out the stray enemies roaming around the play area.

As one can see in the video, most of the players seem to be using Chaos Reach, a super ability tied to the Warlock Stormcaller class, which fires off a long, consistent beam of high damage.

Because of this, it’s easy to see why they would choose that ability as they’d probably want to take down the boss as fast as possible. That’s exactly what they did, defeating the whole boss in around eight minutes.

All in all, even though it’s just the final boss, the whole feat was amazing enough that CommanderCuesta says they’re submitting the video of it to Bungie’s Move of the Week, which highlights impressive clips sent in by the community.

And it wouldn’t be shocking if they won, considering how hard it was for them to get the job done.

Now they just need to defeat the entire raid using abilities only.