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Demon’s Souls remake confirmed for PlayStation 5

Published: 11/Jun/2020 22:45 Updated: 12/Jun/2020 5:49

by Brittany Vincent


Classic FromSoftware title Demon’s Souls is getting a next-gen remake from Bluepoint Games on PlayStation 5, as revealed during Sony’s “The Future of Gaming” livestream. 

Souls enthusiasts will have plenty to get excited about when the PlayStation 5 launches, as Bluepoint Games is taking the fan favorite Demon’s Souls and modernizing it for Sony’s upcoming system. Now, fans will be able to complete the entire collection of Souls titles on modern consoles and, presumably, with online support just like when Demon’s Souls first came out.

Demon’s Souls was originally released for the PlayStation 3 back in 2009. It’s been over a decade since the game first hit consoles, but ever since it reared its head, it’s been nothing but well-liked among though who gravitate toward challenging titles. It’s certainly not a game for everyone, but for those who dallied within the confines of its austere environments, it’s a veritable classic.

Demon’s Souls is being rebuilt “from the ground up” on PlayStation 5

For the uninitiated, Demon’s Souls is considered the spiritual successor to FromSoftware’s equally challenging King’s Field series. Set in the kingdom of Boletaria, it follows a hero looking to slay the fallen king Allant in a bid to pacify a malevolent being called the Old One. Players must travel between multiple worlds via hubs, learning new mechanics and practicing combos to avoid certain death.

The old multiplayer mechanics in the game consisted of intriguing player co-op and PvP combat, though the North American servers were finally shut down in February 2018. This removed all multiplayer functionality, messaging, and additional ways for players to interact with each other. This was a frustrating blow for players, until a group of hardcore games created their own private server. This brought back the online functions they sorely missed.

With this Demon’s Souls being “rebuilt from the ground up,” it will likely bring back a refined version of the servers that were originally shut down, with Bluepoint Games taking point to bring the game to fruition. Here’s hoping there isn’t that long of a wait to get it in our hands once more.


Super Mario Bros 3 becomes most expensive game ever at $156,000 auction

Published: 24/Nov/2020 0:39

by Brent Koepp


A rare copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 sold at auction for a jaw-dropping $156,000 on November 20. The popular Nintendo Entertainment System game had been sealed since 1990, and featured special printing on the cover.

Despite releasing in 1990, many critics and fans still consider Super Mario Bros 3 to be one of the series’ best entires. The genre-defining title made its debut at the tail-end of the NES’ life cycle, and has been heralded as a masterpiece.

Decades later, it’s been thrusted back into the spotlight after a player spent a record-breaking $156k to buy the game at auction. The rare Nintendo collectible which had been sealed for 30 years is now the most expensive game of all time.

The hit 1990 NES title is now worth thousands in the right condition.

Sealed Super Mario Bros 3 sells for mind-blowing amount

In 2020, video game items from the past have seen an explosion in value. Children of the 90s are now adults and willing to shell out an absurd amount of cash to re-capture their childhood nostalgia. For instance, a copy of Pokemon Red & Yellow sold at auction on November 21 for over $162k combined.

A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros 3 has now set a new world record and has become the most valuable game ever after selling for $156,000 at the Heritage Auctions. On November 20, a fan of the groundbreaking NES title outbid competitors to snatch the collectible for as much as a house.

Before digging through your old Nintendo games in the garage, it should be pointed out that collectible was sealed since 1990 and is in pristine condition. Popular grading company WATA looked over the item, and gave it a rating of 9.2 – or an A+.

Heritage Auctions
The 1990 game sold for over $156k at auction.

The item was also a holy grail for Mario collectors as it featured a rare printing version of the artwork. “Copies of the game with “Bros.” formatted to the left and on top of Mario’s glove, are very rarely found in sealed condition,” the auction listing read.

According to several reports, many didn’t even know a sealed version of the unique printed game even existed. The fact that unknown collectibles can be discovered from out of nowhere is fascinating, to say the least. Who knows what title will be the next to break the record.

It should be also be stated that Super Mario Bros. 3 is now the most valuable game on record in terms of being sold at auction. There are several other rare games such as the infamous Gold Nintendo World Championships cartridge that could probably fetch more if a collector is ever willing to part with the scare item.