Def Jam fight fans demand label stop teasing new game and release one

DMX in def jamDef Jam

Fans of the Def Jam fighting game series are urging the popular record label to stop teasing the next installment in the franchise after years without any news on another entry.

Back in 2003, Def Jam Vendetta was released on the GameCube and PlayStation to quite positive reviews. The series, part of the EA SPORTS ‘BIG’ label, featured numerous real-world rappers and had players fight with them in a wrestling ring.

The series ended up spawning a couple of sequels and a spin-off with the final entry being 2007’s Def Jam: Icon. Since then, however, the franchise has yet to release a follow-up despite the label teasing one in the works for years.

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On July 5, Def Jam Records tweeted a picture once again hinting at a new entry in the series, but fans aren’t buying into the hype this time around.

Def Jam fans furious over “troll” teases

After the account tweeted a photo asking players what city they’d want to see represented in a future Def Jam game, fans began blasting the label, accusing it of “playing” with their heart strings.

“Please stop teasing us. I think it’s every two years y’all do this to us with no intention of announcing a new game,” G4 host and pro wrestler Austin Creed wrote. “We all want it in the worst way and you just play with our heart strings for engagement. We love you but not when you hurt us like this!”

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“With the utmost disrespect, yall can eat a d**k when it comes to speaking on a Def Jam fighting game,” streamer Kitana Prime blasted.

Others pointed out how back in 2020, Def Jam teased a special video game announcement if its account hit 1M followers. Yet, nothing has been revealed despite the page reaching that milestone.

Some even called the page a “troll account” after noticing how back in 2018, the page posted the exact same image teaser.

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With such a demand for another Def Jam game, hopefully, we’ll end up actually getting one at some point. Unfortunately, it seems like players have given up hope with all these teases and nothing to show for it yet.

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