Deathloop Pictogram locations: Where to find all Pictograms and defeat Fia

Arkane Lyon

Deathloop is filled with tricky puzzles to solve in order to progress through Blackreef, and one of the hardest is finding the four Pictograms that will allow you to take down Fia.

In your mission to help Colt escape the deadly loop he’s stuck in. you’ll need to eliminate all of the eight Visionaries. Each one is heavily guarded by Eternalists and puzzles to get through, so they require some careful planning.

One of the more difficult puzzles you’ll face early in Deathloop is found inside Fia’s bunker at Fristad Rock. To progress through the Afternoon Delight quest and unlock Fia and Charlie’s secret hiding spot, you’ll need to find four Pictograms.

By this point, you should have four clues to the Pictograms that you need to find. The rest of them are decoys, and the ones you do need to find are often well-hidden or protected by traps, so completing this quest can take quite a while.

Below, we’ll go over the location of all of Fia’s Pictograms in Deathloop and how they relate to the four clues you have.


Deathloop Fia's Pictograms

Deathloop Pictogram locations

There are multiple Pictograms hidden around Fia’s bunker, and you’ll need to find four of them – however, the four that you need to find are randomized for each player, so this isn’t a totally straightforward guide.

What we can do, though, is tell you where each hint requires you to go, and you can piece the rest together. Be careful when completing this quest, as Fia will set off the bunker’s self-destruct sequence if she’s alerted.

‘Lubricates the shaft’ Pictogram location

Deathloop shaft pictogram

This Pictogram is located inside the elevator shaft. After entering the bunker, turn right and head up the stairs and past the cage with the lasers above it. Kick through the wood and enter the elevator shaft.

You’ll need to use Deathloop’s double jump Trinket to climb platforms on the side of the elevator to reach the Pictogram, which is on the same wall as the door to the elevator. Walk up to it and interact with it.

‘Marks Fia’s stage exit’ Pictogram location

Deathloop stag exit pictogram

To find this Pictogram, you’ll need to follow the red path Fia’s painted on the floor. Go through the door with ‘Forever Young’ painted on it, and you’ll be in the bunker’s main room with a reactor at the center.

Once you’re through, immediately turn around. The Pictogram is on the wall to the left of the door you just entered.

‘Wants for power’ Pictogram location

Wants for power pictogram

This Pictogram is located inside the locked cage to the right of the entrance to the bunker. In order to get in, you can find a battery in the office directly opposite the cage. Charge it up, and place it in the door.

Be careful, as there’s a trip mine on the floor in here. Set it off, and then examine the Pictogram on the wall at the back of the cage. Alternatively, you can climb over the metal cage if you shoot the laser traps first.

‘Adds color to tools and schema’ Pictogram location

Deathloop adds color to tools and schema pictogram

To find the ‘adds color to tools and schema’ Pictogram, you’ll need to go inside the office to the right of the bunker entrance. There’s a sensor to scramble and some Eternalists outside, as well as a trip mine inside.

This Pictogram is actually opposite the ‘Wants for power’ Pictogram we just explained above, so you’re in luck if you’ve got both of these clues as they’re right by each other.

‘Overshadowed by Fia’s shimmering masterpiece’ Pictogram location

Deathloop overshadowed masterpiece pictogram

This Pictogram is pretty easy to find. Head behind the reactor at the center of the bunker’s main room (while still avoiding being detected by enemies) and you’ll spot it on the wall.

‘Enlivens the lockers’ Pictogram location

To get to this Pictogram, you’ll need to find the locker room. From the entrance to the bunker, head through to the reactor room and go up the stairs. Look for a door to the locker room and enter it.

There are two Eternalists in here, so either sneak around them or eliminate them. Then, you’ll find the Pictogram painted on the reverse of some lockers.

‘Ogles the rear entrance’ Pictogram location

To find this Pictogram, you’ll need to get to the back entrance of Fia’s bunker. Head through the reactor room, go up the stairs, sneak through the locker room and you’ll emerge at the back entrance.

Be aware that there’s a turret to hack and some Eternalists to eliminate here. Once you’ve taken care of them, you’ll be able to find the Pictogram on the wall next to the window.

How to defeat Fia and get the Havoc Slab

Defeat Fia

Once you’ve found all four Pictograms, you’re free to leave, but we’d recommend taking out Fia and getting the Havoc Slab first as it’s one of the most useful items you can get in Deathloop, especially when upgraded.

Fia is in a high-up room overlooking the bunker. While she’s pretty easy to eliminate as long as you have a semi-decent weapon, if she’s alerted to your presence she will set off the bunker’s self-destruct measure.

Because of this, we’d recommend deactivating the reactor first. You need to cut four colored wires in the right order to deactivate it, and you can find a guide for that in Fia’s office near the entrance to the bunker.

That’s everything you need to know about finding the four Pictograms and taking out Fia! For more guides, check out our Deathloop home page.