Deathloop door code Easter Egg is an iconic blast from the past

DeathloopArkane Lyon

Arkane Studios’ Deathloop has finally unleashed its temporal wonders to gamers around the world. However, fans may miss a playful easter egg in the game’s opening moments. 

The time has come for players to explore the time-loop, murder mystery madness of Deathloop. Developed by Arkane Studios, the grindhouse stylized FPS is a ” truly unique murder puzzle that’s begging to be solved” according to our official review.

Set in a world full of weird and wonderful areas to revisit time and time again, some secret details are hidden in seemingly ordinary places.

Players may just be missing a nod to one of gaming’s most iconic easter eggs, from the moment they begin the game.

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Deathloop artworkBethesda
Deathloop drops players into a murder mystery like no other.

It’s all in the numbers

Mild spoilers inbound for the opening of Deathloop

If you’re a trophy hunter hounding after your next platinum, then Deathloop has plenty of thrills in store. However, not all of them are difficult to acquire. In fact, this trophy in particular, may just be the easiest to attain if you don’t pass it by.

Upon starting the game, our protagonist Colt wakes up on a deserted beach with no recollection of his prior events. After traversing up a cliff-face into an abandoned bunker of sorts, the player will be greeted with a key panel to unlock the door ahead. While the actual code for success is saved for an objective, players can input the classic “0451” code that debuted in the game System Shock in 1994. Since its inception, the code has also been seen in the likes of Alien Isolation, Bioshock, and the original Deus Ex.

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Deathloop trophy

Unfortunately, the door will remain locked, but hey, a little fun along the way is what really matters.

Deathloop is out now and you can count on Dexerto to help you uncover its mysteries.