Death Stranding Director’s Cut differences: All new features in PS5 upgrade

Death Stranding is back with its own Director’s Cut, and there are plenty of differences from the original game. Here’s all we know so far.

Death Stranding, Kojima Productions’ first release since splitting from Konami, launched in 2019 on PS4 and has come to PC since. If you missed out, though, there’s good news – the game is getting a PS5 version.

Offering a similar Director’s Cut to Ghost of Tsushima’s, it adds a series of new features to the bizarre third-person adventure, while also taking better advantage of the PS5’s Dualsense controller.

Here’s everything new in this version, and how you can upgrade.

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Death Stranding image showing Norman Reedus' character Sam Porter BridgesKojima Productions
There’s nothing like a Kojima game, and Death Stranding may be the strangest of them all.

What’s new in Death Stranding Director’s Cut?

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will add new delivery equipment for protagonist Sam Porter Bridges to use, including a cargo launcher and boots that mitigate fall damage.

Players can also ride Buddy Bot, a new mechanized way of carrying both cargo and Sam himself, while fans of the original game’s combat can compete for high scores at a shooting range or against replayable boss fights

There are new more “action-packed” missions that’ll put those skills to the test as well, along with new weapons, and after all of the action is over there are new songs for Sam’s room.

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Screenshot from Death Stranding Director's Cut showing the newly added racetrackReady to burn rubber as Sam Porter Bridges?

Perhaps most bizarrely, there’s a new racetrack for Sam to drive around in one of the game’s vehicles, and he can now build ramps for his motorcycle and perform tricks while soaring through the air. No, really.

Finally, there’s a new Widescreen mode that letterboxes gameplay to 21:9.

Death Stranding PS5 Features

When it comes to PS5 features, players can expect the following:

  • Dualsense haptic feedback
  • Adaptive trigger support
  • 3D Audio (requires compatible headphones)
  • Faster loading times
  • Performance (scaled 4K and 60FPS) and Fidelity (native 4K) graphics modes

Death Stranding PS5 upgrade

Death Stranding Director's Cut image with included contentsSony/Kojima Productions
The deluxe edition adds plenty of new content.

When the Director’s Cut launches on September 24, players will be able to upgrade their existing PS4 purchase for $10/£5 to the Director’s Cut Digital Edition.

Sony’s blog post notes that the option will be available at launch, but didn’t commit to the upgrade program after that.

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