Dead Space boss: How to defeat the Hunter

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The Hunter is a recurring boss in the Dead Space remake. Most of the time, he can’t be hurt, but there are times you can take him down. Here’s how to beat the Hunter in Dead Space.

At first glance, you may mistake the Hunter in Dead Space for a normal Slasher Necromorph, but you’ll soon learn that he can’t be killed. Even if you sever his limbs, blow him up, or fill him with lead, the Hunter will simply regenerate his body parts and continue to come after you. Most of the time, you’re simply better off slowing him down either through stasis or shooting off his legs – then running for your life.

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However, there are two key boss fights in the Dead Space remake where you can defeat this foe – the second being for the final time, but there’s a strategy to employ during each encounter. Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about defeating the Hunter in Dead Space. Remember, you’ll encounter this enemy multiple times throughout the game, but there are only two occasions when you can truly damage him.

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Dead Space remake aims to deliver plenty of scares.

How to beat the Hunter: First boss fight

It’s important to point out that the first boss fight with the Hunter is not the first encounter with him. You’ll first encounter the enemy in Chapter 5 when Mercer unleashes it against Isaac. Here, it’s wise to save your ammo and escape, as the monster will continue to regenerate and can’t be killed.

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However, later during the showdown in the Cryogenic Lab, the Hunter can be defeated in a boss fight. It’s also relatively simple to do, just be aware you’ll also need to contend with various other enemies while avoiding the Hunter.

In this battle, you’ll see a structure in the middle of the room, this is where you’ll need to lure the creature. Once he’s in there, immobilize him by taking out his limbs, then zap him with stasis to stop him from regenerating quickly. Then rush to the back of the room, through the only unlocked door you can see, and activate the Cryo Chamber.

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This will blast the Hunter with ice and cause him to be transported away from your location, ending the boss fight. You’ll only need to do this once for the battle to be over. All other Necromorphs will run away once the Hunter has been defeated also. Don’t forget to enter the Cryo Chamber and collect your reward for winning the battle.

hunter dead spaceElectronic Arts
The Hunter will relentlessly stalk Isaac.

Second boss fight

Once again, the second boss fight isn’t your second encounter with the Hunter. By now you’ll have dealt with this creature many times, but this is your final battle – and where you’ll kill the beast.

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By now, you’ll know the Hunter’s secrets and the truth about its origin, especially if you completed the side mission all about this. You’ll need to contend with the creature stalking you throughout Chapter 10, but once again, don’t waste your ammo. Slow it down and keep moving.

When you finally reach the Shuttle, you’ll need to engage its engines and test the blasters before you can take off. This is when the Hunter makes its final assault on Isaac. Just repeat the same tactic that you used in the first boss fight, only this time lure the creature behind the shuttle, in front of the blasters.

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Then, immobilize the beast again and run back into the side room and press the button to test the engines. If you timed it right, the Hunter (and any other Necromorphs there) will be burned to a crisp by the shuttle’s back blasters, finally killing the relentless enemy.

You’ll then get to have one final showdown with Mercer and witness the Hive Mind make its first appearance.

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