Dead Cells 2022 roadmap: Boss Rush, Panchaku, release times

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The four-year-old roguelike Dead Cells is still going strong, and the developers just revealed a new two-year roadmap.

Dead Cells takes inspiration from Metroidvania games and combines it with the traditional roguelike formula. The game was ahead of its time and is still addicting. Dead Cells laid the foundation for new roguelike titles such as Cult of The Lamb and Rogue Legacy 2.

The player takes the role of a creature called the prisoner, and players must fight their way off a monster-infested island and slay the island’s king. Dead Cells uses a ‘permadeath’ feature, and players unforgivingly lose everything when they die.

Akin to other roguelike games, players can gain permanent upgrades that help make each run easier.

Dead Cells has 4 DLC updates, and the developers revealed a massive two-year roadmap to keep fans invested.

Dead Cells 2022 roadmap

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Dead Cells DLC Bad Seed was released in February 2021.

Motion Twin revealed a roadmap for Dead Cells. The developers stated that 2023 would be the most exciting year in Dead Cells’ history.

The first update comes at some point this summer and adds the Panchaku weapon and re-balances items. The Panchaku stands out because it can deflect grenades and can deal critical damage to enemies facing you.

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The new Dead Cells roadmap extends its lifespan into 2023.

The Deal Cells developers wanted a more balanced item selection, so they rebalanced previously forgotten items and weapons.

For example, the Rapier, Crusher, and Maw of the Deep all received nerfs. The Wrecking ball, Leghugger, and Frantic Sword received significant buffs.

The developers are adding a Boss Rush area in the fall, and the winter update is still a secret.

Motion Twin clarified, “we’re very much in the mid-life of Dead Cells. We’re no longer sneaking out at night drunk on street corners, but we’ve still got plenty of life in us before our knees start to give in, so prepare yourselves for more Dead Cells content.”

We will provide any future updates on the Dead Cells DLC roadmap.