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DayZ accidentally bans xQc for stream sniping instead of the stream sniper

Published: 21/Jun/2022 17:18

by Zackerie Fairfax


While fighting for survival on DayZ,  xQc was accidentally perma banned for stream sniping after killing the actual stream sniper.

The zombie survival game DayZ has seen a bit of a resurgence on Twitch. With massive variety streamers such as Summit1g, Lirik, and xQc entering the post-apocalyptic wasteland to survive with strangers.

This leads to some hilarious and sometimes intense moments of gameplay. Whether it be Summit’s unintentional meet-up with Poke or Lirik convincing players his parents named him “Kebob”, DayZ has been a hit with viewers.

xQc, being the unpredictable streamer he is, often produces clippable content while playing DayZ. But his short-lived permaban was a humorous moment outside of his control.


xqc kills stream sniper in Dayz
xQc (Twitch)
xQc killed a stream sniper in DayZ moments before being banned

xQc banned from DayZ

On June 20, xQc hopped onto the DayZ servers looking to enjoy the thrill of survival. But after three hours of scavenging and fending off zombies, xQc would get his first player kill before immediately being booted from the servers.

The boot was due to an “unstable connection” which xQc hadn’t encountered until then. He immediately logged back into the server when an admin teleported to his location.

“X! X! This is an admin. That was a 100% stream snipe-,” the admin was cut off as xQc was once again sent to the title screen. However, this time the dialogue box stated he was permanently banned by an admin.


He was able to log back on and talk with the admin. “X, give it a second. We had to ban a stream sniper. Something went wrong. We’re fixing it,” the admin said before X was booted from the server a final time.

When he was finally able to connect to the server, the admin explained what had happened. The player that xQc killed was a stream sniper that had traveled 1,000 meters in a straight line to X’s location.

xQc opted not to loot the body and even had the admin delete the player’s loot since they had an abundance of weapons and materials. It wasn’t long after that xQc logged out ending his 16 1/2 hour stream.