Darksiders 4: Everything we know from leaks, rumors, and teases

Strife from DarksidersTHQ Nordic

A Darksiders 3 developer has uploaded artwork featuring members of the Four Horsemen, potentially teasing the existence of Darksiders 4. 

Anton Lavrushkin, a member of Darksiders 3’s development team, has uploaded some interesting images to his Artstation account which may tease a potential Darksiders 4. Darksiders is a hack and slash adventure series featuring the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who are caught up in an eternal struggle between the forces of Heaven and Hell.

Every Darksiders game puts the player in control of a different Horseman, each on a quest that runs concurrently with the others. The first game featured the bulky and tanklike War, with Darksiders 2 switching him out for his stealthier brother Death. The third game saw players take control of the more agile Fury, although her story also revealed where the fourth Horseman, Strife, had been.


Lilith from DarksidersTQH Nordic
Lilith may be about to take center stage in Darksiders 4.

Does Darksiders 4 have a release date?

Darksiders 4, if it will be called that, has not been formally announced. Therefore, there is no release date as of yet.

Do we know what platforms Darksiders 4 will be on?

No. As Darksiders 4 has not been made official, it is too early to speculate on which platforms it would release on.

What does the Darksiders 4 artwork mean?

The new Darksiders artwork, which may or may not be a tease to Darksiders 4, features two images. The first shows Horsemen Fury, Death, and War posing with their weapons while the second features the mysterious Lilith (above).

In the game’s story, Lilith is the Horsemen’s mother and has been manipulating events from behind the scenes. This is not unlike Blizzard’s Diablo series, which coincidently, is also positioning their version of the Biblical Lilith as the Diablo 4’s main antagonist.

Darksiders 4 artwork: No sign of Strife

Fourth Horsemen, Strife, is conspicuous by his absence from the new Darksiders images. Strife is the only Horseman to not yet have a game centered around him, although he did have an important role in Darksiders 3.

He was also one of the two main playable characters in the prequel Darksiders Genesis. But the character is yet to star in a solo adventure. Without giving too much away, the character’s arc in Darksiders 3 implies Strife has knoweldge and experience his siblings do not have, especially when it comes to the value of humanity.

Many fans expected Strife to be the protagonist of Darksiders 4, or for all Four Horsemen to be playable in the next chapter. Either is still possible, since THQ Nordic have not yet formally announced the game.

Fury Death, and War from DarksidersTHQ Nordic
Fury, Death, and War appear, but no sign of fourth Horseman Strife.

Lilith’s role in Darksiders 4

The artwork featuring Lilith could mean the character has an expanded role in Darksiders 4. This has been teased in the games and Lilith could even end up being the game’s ‘big bad’. Or she may help her children overcome their enemies, save humanity, and restore balance between Heaven and Hell.

The first three Darksiders games end with each of the Four Horsemen reuniting on their steeds, silently preparing to face some unseen threat together. As every game features a different Horsemen, each character has been on their own adventure and has the knowledge to share with the rest before what looks like the final battle begins.

Could Lilith be what the Horsemen are gearing up to face in Darksiders 4? Or will Strife hold the final piece of the puzzle before the next chapter begins?

We’ll gather all Darksiders 4 leaks, teases, and news here while we wait to learn more. While we wait for more news, why not check out all we know about the following upcoming games.

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