Dark Souls streamer flips when he finds out Ninja & Drake won best gaming moment

News that Ninja and Drake scooped an award for gaming moment of the year didn’t go down too well with everybody, especially one Dark Souls streamer who decided to trash their room. 

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The outburst from The_Happy_Hob, quite clearly in jest, was a reaction to Drake and Ninja scooping the ‘Fan Favorite Gaming Moment’. 

Ninja picked up this award and two others during the Gamers’ Choice Awards from CBS, however the (not so) Happy Hob couldn’t believe that it wasn’t him picking up the prize instead. 

So, he went a bit crazy. 

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Grabbing almost anything within five yards of him, the streamer threw things across the room, slammed equipment onto the floor and eventually went on to punch his camera before screaming about the awards ceremony results. 

“Ninja and Drake for favorite gaming moment of the year… That’s fine. OK” he said, before launching some of his belongings around the room.

According to a post on Reddit, the streamer was mad because he was also nominated for the same award after “beating all 3 games without getting hit”, however we was pipped to the prize by the popular duo.

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After punching the camera, he picked it back up.

“Where’s my award CBS? Huh? Where’s my fucking award? Gaming moment of the year… Drake? Who’s Drake? Who’s Drake? Huh? Fucking hell. 

“Do you know what I’ve been through, huh? I needed this!”

His reaction was quite obviously sarcastic, but we’re sure he is a bit saddened by losing out to Ninja and Drake to some extent. Just not as much as he’s making out in this video (surely).