Dark Souls 3 servers finally back online 7 months after netcode exploit

Dark Souls 3 serversFromSoftware

After being down for seven months, devs FromSoftware have finally turned the Dark Souls 3 servers back online.

As August 2022 closes out, FromSoftware have finally decided to bring their online servers for Dark Souls 3 back up after being down for seven months, with the devs also promising that other Dark Souls titles will be back up and running soon.

The announcement was made on the official Dark Soul Twitter account, confirming that “online features for the PC version of Dark Souls III have been reactivated.” The post then added that the devs are “working to restore these features for all other Dark Souls titles and will inform you when they are back in service.”

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At the beginning of 2022, Dark Souls developers FromSoftware chose to disable the PvP PC servers for the whole trilogy. This was due to online hacks and mods ruining the experience for many players, with one bug even having the ability to completely shut down and break a person’s PC.

As a result, Dark Souls players have been unable to engage with the online servers for the whole year, with devs working constantly to modify and adapt the servers to make them as safe as possible before booting them up again. The issue got so bad that players were being heavily encouraged to download mods to help identify hackers.

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Fans were worried that they might even stay down permanently after their Steam listings were changed to categorize them as single-player games only.

There were big fears that these issues would also impact Elden Ring on release, a game that essentially operates as a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls games. However, the 2022s juggernaut title has been able to evade these major issues since dropping back in February 2022. Since releasing, Elden Ring has gone on to become one of the top 10 best-selling video games in US history.

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