Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Hints at Future Partnership With Ninja

by Albert Petrosyan


It seems that with every passing week, Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins continues to take further steps into unprecedented areas of gaming success.

The popular Twitch personality has seen his brand become globally recognized, and he is showing no signs of slowing down.


After retiring from Halo to become a full-time streamer, Ninja began experiencing an explosion of success that went hand-in-hand with the rise of the popular video game Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Since then, he has regularly played the game with global music icons and professional athletes, and has even hosted his own Fortnite competition in Las Vegas.


While most Twitch streamers would have been content with the celebrity lifestyle and over 200,000 subscribers on Twitch, Ninja has continued to look for more ways to grow and heighten his brand.

On May 11th, he tweeted out a picture of himself alongside Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA professional basketball team.


Cuban responded to this tweet with an image of his own, with a caption that strongly hinted at the prospect of the two doing business together. 



Mark Cuban, who is known to be a shrewd and successful business man, has a well-documented interest in video games and esports as his Mavericks are one of 17 NBA teams to be represented in the inaugural season of the NBA 2K League.

This, coupled with the fact that Ninja has pushed online gaming to reaches never imagined, makes the idea of a partnership between the two not only  a possibility, but also a probability.