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Cyberpunk 2077 reimagined as a PS1 game still looks breathtaking

Published: 31/Jul/2019 20:22 Updated: 31/Jul/2019 21:49

by Alan Bernal


PlayStation One.

CD PROJEKT RED have captured the imaginations of their audiences once again with what they’ve shown so far of their upcoming open-world, action-adventure title. The game looks like it’s going to give players a ton of ways to explore the vast underbelly of Night City.

The Cyberpunk 2077 hype has so far inspired incredible works of art from its eager fan base ranging from incredible cosplays to incredible portraits for the characters that will be featured in the game.

CD Projekt REDWhile the PS1 ‘demake’ doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the upcoming title, it just adds to the nostalgic effect.

But as far as homages go, YouTuber Bear Parker – AKA ‘Bearly Regal’ – might have one of the most ambitious designs yet seeing as he recreated a chunk of previously revealed gameplay in nostalgic PS One style.

Not one to compromise his art for ease, Bear said this wasn’t his first time trying to make a PS1 version for the sci-fi shooter but at least this time it’s more inline with his vision.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to make Cyberpunk 2077 in the style of a PS1 game,” he said. “It’s like the 20th [attempt] because after my last [Death Stranding] ‘demake’ a lot of people were not particularly happy that I included some bits of tech that don’t necessarily exist for the PS1.”

Fans might recognize the setting from the 48-minute gameplay reveal for the game when V is exploring Night City. The YouTuber’s recreation stayed as true to the segment as much as possible, and his “50 hours of work [for] a 30-second video” without question payed off.

To cap off his ‘demake,’ Bear made what it would look and sound like if a player booted up a Cyberpunk 2077 PS1 game; with the iconic sounds of the classic Sony Computer Entertainment into coupled with the following PS logo.

Bearly Regal YouTubeKeanu Reeves fans can recognize those alignment of pixels anywhere.

Keanu Reeves in PS1 graphics still looks amazing

After loading into Night City, the video shows the player walking through the streets with the objective of returning “to your apartment.” The next objective is to meet up with a PS1 model of Johnny Silverhand, who is still played by Keanu Reeves.

The last images is Johnny simply telling the player “you’re breathtaking” as the screen fades to black.

Bearly Regal’s ‘demake’ of Cyberpunk 2077 is an incredible feat of persistence as well as creativity to bring all the elements together, and definitely helps with the wait until the title’s 2020 release.


Resident Evil Village cosplayer goes viral as chilling mutant Daniela

Published: 24/Jan/2021 17:51 Updated: 24/Jan/2021 18:00

by Georgina Smith


An incredibly talented cosplayer has gone viral on Twitter, after posting her uncanny cosplay of mutant girl Daniela from the Resident Evil 8 Village trailer, only four days after it was released.

Popular survival horror franchise Resident Evil’s 8th game was announced back in June of 2020, and since then hype surrounding the new game entitled “Resident Evil Village” has been brewing.

The new installment, set to be released in May 2021, will follow the protagonist Ethan Winter’s journey into a mysterious village, filled with bizarre creatures and spine-tingling moments.

Resident Evil Village banner
Resident Evil 8 was announced at Sony’s PlayStation 5 event.

In an official gameplay reveal trailer that was released on January 21, fans got to take a look at some of the characters that would be joining them on their journey. One character, Lady Dimitrescu (often dubbed Tall Vampire Lady thanks to her height) has already been a hit among fans.

But alongside Lady Dimitrescu are some companions, who appear to be mutat residents in the castle, and they seem to be rather bloodthirsty from the glimpse we got in the trailer. One of the girls, named Daniela, has also been a hit among fans.

Cosplayer Kayla Erin decided that she wanted to try and recreate this brand new character, despite it only being four days after the trailer was released. But it’s safe to say that she did an extraordinary job of this cosplay, going viral on Twitter.

She’s cloaked in the same dark hood, overlaying a black long sleeve shirt with a deep scoop neck. On either side, she’s clipped some gold brooches that emulate the ones seen in the gameplay trailer, and this metallic look is matched with the various pendants that hang from her neck.

Deep red blood is smeared around her mouth, with heavy black makeup surrounding her eyes, stark against her blonde hair that mimics Daniela’s exactly. She’s even smiling in the exact same way, making for a very chilling, as well as a remarkably accurate cosplay.

At the time of writing her post has garnered over 82,000 likes, people flooding the tweet with compliments, commenting on how quickly she got the cosplay to look so accurate.

There’s no doubt that people will be producing more fantastic Resident Evil cosplays in the run-up to the release as the hype continues.