Customer calls 911 after retailer says Xbox Series X out of stock

xbox series x 911 dispatcherPixabay, diegoparra / Microsoft

A 911 dispatcher has taken to Reddit for a public service announcement after a shopper decided they needed to call the police to investigate a store that claimed they were sold out of Xbox Series X consoles.

It’s the PSA you never thought you’d have to hear, but we’re still in 2020 and, apparently, Bizarro World behavior continues to run rampant. With next-gen mania in full force, the console community’s most dedicated fans are antsy to get their hands on PS5 and Xbox Series X systems.

One such hopeful customer was apparently so impatient to get their system that they determined a shop was being suspiciously withholding and, in an escalation like no other, deserved to be investigated by the police.

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Spurred by a supply deficit, a 911 dispatcher apparently received a call demanding that the police force a store to reveal the contents of their back room. As such, a coworker took to Reddit to let people know that is not a good use of anyone’s time.

reddit xbox series x 911 dispatcherReddit
911 dispatcher’s PSA after a customer called about an Xbox shortage.

As posted by ‘Ghoppe2’ on Reddit’s Xbox Series X, 911 dispatchers have somehow gotten roped into the craze surrounding shortages of next-gen consoles. With a “911 dispatcher here” title, they jumped right into a PSA for gamers who believe their rights to an Xbox Series X are being violated.

“Guys if the store is sold out please don’t call 911 to have the police tell the store to look in the back. Other than the dispatcher laughing at you you will accomplish nothing. Be patient.”

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For people wondering if Ghoppe2 was simply speculating about an unlikely, hypothetical scenario, they were quick to elaborate that the post was, indeed, based on “an actual call a colleague took.”

microsoft xbox series x and series s consolesMicrosoft
Stock for the next-gen consoles has been notoriously limited.

The demand for the next-gen systems, both PS5 and Xbox Series X, are well-documented. Chances are that you or someone you know have experienced some degree of frustration when trying to add one of the highly touted consoles to your online cart or find one in person.

But, while the experience trying to pry one away from a retailer may be annoying, please refrain from involving local authorities. As the 911 dispatcher reminds people, even in times of materialistic distress, we must remember to “be patient.”

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