Crash Team Rumble revealed at The Game Awards 2022

Crash Team RumbleToys for Bob

A brand new Crash Bandicoot team game was announced during The Game Awards 2022, showcasing 4v4 high intensity action with cross-platform play.

During The Game Awards 2022, Crash Bandicoot literally crashed the party, dropping down from the sky yelling “BOOYAH!” in a full costume and skit prepared.

“Game awards, Crash is in the building, let’s GO!!!” Crash Bandicoot yelled out to the audience. He then shows off a call with three other characters: N. Cortex, Tawna, and Dingodile.

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“Roll the trailer, grandma!” Crash exclaims, transitioning to the reveal of the upcoming team fighting MOBA, Crash Team Rumble.

In the trailer, two teams fight for Wumpa, the iconic collectable fruit in the Crash Bandicoot series. This involves combat alongside platforming mechanics. Various playable characters, from heroes to villains, are showcased in the video.

Though the trailer was flashy, it left out many of the game’s features and premises. Those were later confirmed by the developers

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“In Crash Team Rumble, fans can play as Crash, Dingodile, and a host of other friends and frenemies, each of which has their own distinct power, personality, and playstyle, as they compete across wild and varied arenas in 4v4 team-based online multiplayer action,” Activision stated.

They then explained the gameplay objectives: “To lead their squad to victory, players will slide, smash, bump and bash as a team to be the ‘fur-st’ to bank the most Wumpa fruit in their drop-off zone, while simultaneously defending the opponent team’s drop zone.

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“Featuring cross-platform play, Crash Team Rumble will feature tons of
strategic gameplay elements that will be sure to turn the tide of scoring in hilarious ways.”

The game will be available to play on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One — with full cross-platform support.

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