Coral Island Spring item guide – crops, forgeable items, sale prices

Coral island Springtime guideStairway Games

Coral Island has just released in early access on Steam for PC, and players will need to earn money to start upgrading farmsteads. Below is everything to know about spring season crops and wild plants.

Coral Island is the highly-anticipated indie farming simulation game that has been in development for the past several years. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the game has teased players with stunning images of NPCs, locations, and gameplay. Now, it’s time for fans to jump in and get farming.

Making money in the first few months of any slice-of-life game can be a challenge, but Coral Island helps players avoid the tedious grind with several tricks. Starter seeds come at a low cost, and there are plenty of forgeable items that can sell for a good price.

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Below are the details for spring crops and forgeable items players can use to start earning money on their farms.

Coral Island spring crop seed prices and sell value

Because the game is in early access, not every crop seed price or sale value may stay the same during development. Additionally, new crops and fruit could be added as the game receives updates. Below are the spring crops found so far in Coral Island.

CropPurchase PriceSell Value
LettuceWild Seed28
*Wild seeds are found through plowing dirt

Coral Island spring forgeable prices and sell value

Coral Island FarmStairway Games
Farming and foraging are quick ways to earn money

Foraging is an invaluable way to earn money early in Coral Island. Players can find wild-growing flowers and edibles all over the island in every season. It is also important to note that some forgeable goods can be found in multiple seasons.

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Forgeable ItemSell Value
Bamboo Shoot35

This guide will continue to be updated as new information becomes available for Coral Island. This includes both updates and discoveries through gameplay.