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Catalyst Black: Release date, trailer, gameplay & everything we know

Published: 28/Apr/2022 15:11

by Nathan Warby


Catalyst Black is the long-awaited battleground shooter from the makers of VainGlory, featuring epic battles that are aiming to take mobile gaming to new heights. Here’s everything we know about Catalyst Black so far, from the gameplay to the countries it’s currently available in.

Super Evil Megacorp, the team behind the hugely successful MOBA, Vainglory, are back, this time with a large-scale shooter named Catalyst Black. The hype surrounding the mobile title is building, especially after it was featured in Apple’s iPhone 13 presentation.

However, despite its initial reveal all the way back in 2020, most of the world is still waiting to hop into its explosive tactical battles. Here’s all the information we have about Catalyst Black so far.



Catalyst Black trailer

Catalyst Black received a new release date trailer on April 28, showcasing the colorful and intense action.

Check it out below:

Catalyst Black early access regions

Catalyst Black isn’t available worldwide just yet, but it has been in early access since August 2020. Eager fans who acted early could sign up to the “Secret Service” to secure a spot, but the window has long since closed.

However, Super Evil Megacorp have been slowly rolling out a Catalyst Black beta in various countries and regions to collect valuable feedback. You can currently enter the beta if you live in:

  • Cambodia
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Canada
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Hong Kong
  • Finland
  • Sweden
Catalyst Black character holding heavy weapon
Super Evil Megacorp
There’s no shortage of weapons to choose from in Catalyst Black.

Is there a Catalyst Black global release date?

Good news! Catalyst Black finally has a worldwide release date: May 25, 2022.


It will launch on both iOS and Android completely free of charge, although optional in-app purchases will play a part. Players can pre-register on the official Catalyst Black website, and doing so will earn players the following:

  • 500 Dust
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Star Chest
  • Astral Chest
  • Flamethrower

Those that do have the chance of earning early access for themselves and their friends.

Catalyst Black team attacking capture point
Super Mega Evilcorp
Players can choose from classic slayer or objective game modes.

Catalyst Black gameplay

Catalyst Black is an arena shooter that boasts large-scale battles between teams of up to 24 players. Matches use an easy drop-in, drop-out feature to make finding matches a breeze, catering to those who want to “play for five minutes or five hours.”

Catalyst Black gameplay screenshot showing combat
Super Evil Megacorp
Catalyst Black offers a variety of modes.

Players haveplenty of different loadouts at their disposal, including long-range Sniper Rifles and healing equipment, all of which can be upgraded and customized. Each user also has the ability to temporarily turn into a powerful “primal” creature in an effort to change the tide of a fight.


A variety of game modes are also on offer, including PvP mainstay Slayer, the PvEvP Hydra, and Eventide, which takes place on a huge map.

That was everything we know so far about Catalyst Black. We’ll be updating this page with all the latest information, so be sure to check back here regularly. For more on the biggest upcoming games, check out our other release hubs:

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