Can you save Joey, Merwin and Clarice in House of Ashes?

Lauren Bergin
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Can you save Joey, Merwin and Clarice in House of Ashes? Here’s a rundown of how to keep them alive in The Dark Pictures Anthology’s latest installment.

One of the integral parts of The Dark Pictures Anthology’s series of horror movie-inspired titles is the decision-making aspect. With characters’ lives completely in your hands, it’s up to you whether they survive the night or perish at the hands of the antagonists.

In House of Ashes, your squad is initially made up of eight members, however, the game only allows you to save five of them – be aware, there are spoilers ahead.

As players clamor to save Ashley Tisdale’s Rachel, some are asking: can you save Clarice, Merwin, and Joey? Here’s everything you need to know.


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Brothers in arms Joey (front) and Merwin (back) are two of your squad’s most rebellious members.

Can you save Joey, Merwin and Clarice in House of Ashes?

In short: no, you can’t save Joey, Merwin, or Clarice in House of Ashes. The only characters that can make it through the terrifying ordeal are Eric, Jason, Nick, Rachel, and Salim.

However, you can keep each of the three alive for a little bit longer depending on your choices.

How to keep Joey alive

Unfortunately, Joey’s role in the House of Ashes story is a pretty limited one. During the initial ambush on the assault site, Joey will be killed.

No matter if you take in air support, or successfully complete Jason’s quick-time event, Joey will die. However, that isn’t the last you’ll see of him.

How to keep Mewrin alive

Merwin is the next unfortunate victim of the underground hellhole. During the earthquake, he will get tangled in wire, and despite Clarice, Jason, and Nick trying to help him, he will be too badly injured and will eventually bleed out.

Unlike Joey, though, you can keep him alive a little longer:

  1. Don’t force him to be quiet: As the vampires close in, Nick will be given the option to keep Mewrin quiet. If you take this, you will suffocate him, so do not choose this option.
  2. Safety first: As the monsters continue to chase you, you’ll come to a fork in the road. Make sure you choose the safe path and complete the heartbeat challenge.
  3. Don’t let him go: As Jason and Nick hear Rachel on the radio, Merwin will tell the duo that he’s holding them back. Insist that he comes with you.

From here, he will fix the radio in the camp but dies quickly afterward. Just by getting him to the temple, though, you’ll earn the “So You’re My Technician” achievement.

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If you want to keep Merwin alive, we’ve suggest not choking him.

How to keep Clarice alive

Last but not least is sassy scientist Clarice, who is snatched by the vampires as she tries to rescue Merwin. Implanted with the parasite, she will save Rachel down in the pit, but unlike her “queen bitch” counterpart she won’t survive.

For the best possible ending, you should choose to abandon Clarice at the rope swing, as if you choose to help her she’ll pay a pretty lethal visit to your team later on in the story. Either way, she falls into the abyss and is presumed dead.

So that’s the tragic tales of Joey, Merwin, and Clarice in House of Ashes. Looking for our take on The Dark Pictures Anthology’s latest installment? Check out our House of Ashes review.