Callisto Protocol gameplay revealed at Summer Game Fest with epic death scene

Gameplay from the Callisto ProtocolStriking Distance Studios

The first gameplay for the upcoming game The Callisto Protocol was shown at Summer Game Fest and ended with an incredible death scene.

Players finally got their first look at the gameplay of the upcoming survival-horror game the Callisto Protocol.

Although Callisto Protocol was officially revealed at the June PlayStation State of Play, it was only in the form of a cinematic trailer. Players who were excited for the latest installment from Glen Schofield and Striking Distance Studios were still asking to see some footage from the game itself.

At the Summer Game Fest, their desires were met.

The gameplay footage shown included plenty of dark, claustrophobic content reminding players of games such as Dead Space. It ended with one of the most out-of-nowhere and incredible deaths for the player character of a game in recent memory.

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The Callisto Protocol gameplay is pure horror

Callisto Protocol gameplayStriking Distance Studios
Callisto Protocol gameplay

The gameplay footage follows the player character – named Jacob Lee – through the bowels of the Black Iron prison colony. But an alien invasion has infected other prisoners, leaving Lee alone, trying to escape an infestation with few resources.

Lee is pitted against different types of enemies in the first gameplay footage, including a burly tank and an acid-hurling enemy. These foes appear to be quite difficult to kill, as they will keep coming at Lee even after losing several limbs.

Luckily, the player not only has conventional weapons at their disposal but also a gravity gun that they can use to pick up and throw enemies. The gameplay footage demonstrates this beautifully when the player hurls an enemy into a fan, slicing them into pieces.

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But the gory fates are not limited to just the alien menace.

Watch: The Callisto Protocol gameplay trailer

The first Callisto Protocol gameplay footage ends with the player being sucked into and sliced up in a nearby fan. This means that the environment is not only deadly to the aliens, but also to the player.

This interactive and dangerous environment, as well as the game’s design (there is no HUD, with ammo counts and health being displayed on the player) show that Schofield has not forgotten his roots with Dead Space.

The Callisto Protocol is set to release on December 2, 2022.