Blue Archive tier list: Best characters for every class in 2023

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If you’re confused about which characters are best in Blue Archive across all the different classes, don’t worry, as our curated tier list for March has everything you need to make the best possible choices for your combat party.

Blue Archive features a unique story-driven RPG experience where you can make countless allies as you progress. However, it’s important to know which allies are the best to ensure a favorable outcome in the various tasks that the game has to offer.

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Our character tier list will help you to understand which characters in the mobile game are best suited to each objective that you’ll undertake in Blue Archive. So let’s dive in and check out the updated character tier list for 2023 in this story-driven RPG.

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Updated March 7, 2023, to update tiers according to the meta.


character illustration for Blue ArchiveNexon
Make meaningful allies to get through Blue Archive’s story quickly.

All classes in Blue Archive

Considering the fact that Blue Archive is a story-driven RPG, there are not a lot of characters to choose from. However, the ones available are split into three different classes according to their utility in the game.

The three classes in Blue Archive are:

  • Attacker
  • Tank
  • Support and Healer

As their names suggest, it is fairly evident what characters from each of these classes specialize in. Before jumping into the rankings, you should note that characters in Blue Archive feature star ratings that reflect their in-game capabilities. However, these star ratings should not be considered as those to focus on, as there are several lower-rated characters who perform just as well in synergy with specific allies.

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Best characters in Blue Archive: tier list


Attackers are the main damage dealers in Blue Archive, but these characters suffer heavily in regard to defensive stats. For this reason, it is highly advised to not place these troops on the front line. Attackers tend to perform best when placed either in the middle or back row as it not only gives them cover from the enemy’s attacks but also plenty of time to dish out damage.

Tier Characters
S Izayoi Nonomi, Rikuhachima Aru, Renkawa Cherino, Swimsuit Sorasaki Hina, Shiromi Iori, Swimsuit Shiromi Iori, Kurodate Haruna, Swimsuit Shirasu Azusa, Shimoe Koharu, Nekozuka Hibiki, Swimsuit Shizuyama Mashiro, Kakudate Karin
A Renkawa Cherino (Hot Springs), Aris, Shirasu Azusa, Sunohara Shun, Young Shunohara Shun, Waraku Chise, Sunaookami Shiroko, Sorasaki Hina, Riding Sunaookami Shiroko, Aru (New Year), Ajitani Hifumi, Hisada Izuna, Saiba Momoi, Otohana Sumire, Saiba Midori, Tendou Alice, Asagi Mutsuki, Mutsuki (New Year), Bunny Girl Kakudate Karin, Casual Yakushi Saya, Ihara Yoshimi, Shizuyama Mashiro, Yakushi Saya
B Saki, Moe, Wakamo, Swimsuit Nonomi, Swimsuit Izuna, Kazusa, Saori, Swimsuit Kensaki Tsurugi, Hanaoka Yuzu, Akashi Junko, Wanibuchi Akari, Kensaki Tsurugi, Asahina Pina, Sunaookami Shiroko, Kuromi Serika, Shiroishi Utaha, Serika (New Year)
C Ichinose Asuna, Konuri Maki, Nikamu Nero, Shishidou Izumi, Hanekawa Hasumi


As their name suggests, Tanks form the front line in Blue Archive. Considering their massive defensive stats, they are capable of soaking up any damage enemies might deal to your team. It’s essential to make sure that you’ve always got at least one tank in your party to serve as cover for your Attackers, Healers, and Supports.

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Tier Characters
S Kasuga Tsubaki, Bunny Girl Mikamu Neru
A Takanashi Hoshino, Hayase Yuuka
B Marina, Atsuko, Yutori Natsu, Igusa Haruka
C Izumimoto Eimi
illustration for characters in Blue ArchiveNexon
Stronger allies will help you complete tasks much faster in Blue Archive.

Support and Healer

These specific characters specialize in providing support and healing from the backline for your Attackers and Tanks. While Supports and Healers are often overlooked to make space for Attackers, these characters are extremely essential when facing off against difficult challenges that can stretch for longer-than-usual durations.

Tier Characters
S Kaede, Iroha, Hoshino (Swimsuit), )Mizuha Mimori, Shimoe Koharu (Healer), Otose Kotama, Washimi Serina (Healer), Amau Ako
A Hatsune Miku, Bunny Girl Ichinose Asuna, Asagao Hanae (Healer), Kurimura Airi, Murokasa Akane, Sashiro Tomoe, Swimsuit Shishidou Izumi, Omagari Hare
B Hiyori, Swimsuit Ayane, Swimsuit Shizuko, Ui, Nakatsukasa Kirino, Aijitani Hifumi (Tactical Support), Aikiyo Fuuka (Healer), Okusora Ayana, Hinomia Chinatsu (Healer)
C  Onikata Kayoko, Morizuki Suzumi, Toyomi Kotori, Urawa Hanako (Healer), Ushimaki Juri, Endo Shimiko, Iochi Mari, Kowa Shizuko, Amani Nodoka, Nodoka (Hotspring)

So, there you have it – that’s our Blue Archive character tier list for March 2023. Make sure to check back in the future for any changes.

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