Bloons TD 6: How to pop purple Bloons in BTD6

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Bloons TD 6 can be fairly confusing, with various types of Bloons having different abilities and defenses. If you’re finding things a bit too difficult, we’ve got you covered with the methods you can use to pop one of the hardest colors in BTD6, purple Bloons, to win the round.

Bloons TD 6 has lots of different types of Bloons and towers, all of which have their own special abilities, which can make keeping track of all their effects quite confusing. Nevertheless, if you are aware of what you are facing, strategizing for each round becomes much simpler.

One of the most difficult to pop in BTD6 is the purple Bloon, which can pose quite a challenge if you fail to strategize accordingly. Given that they are immune to multiple types of damage, it is extremely important to prepare your towers accordingly. Keep reading to find out what you should and shouldn’t do when facing purple Bloons in the game.


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Fly through the rounds of BTD6 with the perfect tower defense strategy.

Types of purple Bloons in BTD6

There are four different types of purple Bloons in BTD6, each of which has abilities and defenses of its own. These include:

  • Normal Bloon
  • Camo Bloon
  • Regrowth Bloon
  • Camo Regrowth Bloon

Purple Bloons are also immune to quite a few different types of damage:

  • Magic damage
  • Energy damage
  • Fire attacks
  • Plasma attacks

Considering all the different attack types that Purple Bloons are immune to, it’s safe to say that most Magic Monkeys are ineffective against them.

How to pop purple Bloons

Although purple Bloons are extremely difficult to pop, there are a few options that you can use when facing off against them.

Below, we’ve listed which abilities and attacks can both damage and pop them effectively:

Attack/Ability Type of purple Bloon
Wizard Lord Phoenix and Necromancer Purple Regrowth Bloons
Shimmer Purple Camo Bloons
Sun Temple, The Anti-Bloon, or Dark Champion All
Gwendolin’s attacks after level 16 All
Druid’s thorn attacks All
Ezili’s Heartstopper ability All
Adora’s The Long Arm of Light All
Cross the Streams All
Psi’s Psychic Blast and basic attack after level 13 All
Upgraded Ninja Monkey All

Attacks to avoid against purple Bloons

All of the abilities and attacks mentioned in the chart below should be avoided when trying to pop purple Bloons:

Character Attack/Ability
Wizard Monkeys Everything except Necromancer, Wizard Lored Phoenix, and Shimmer
Super Monkeys Laser Vision, Plasma Vision, Sun Avatar, Technological Terror
Dart Monkeys Plasma Monkey Fan Club
Druids Heart of Thunder or Ball Lightning
Monkey Buccaneers Hot Shot
Tack Shooters Ring of Fire or Inferno Ring
Engineer Monkeys Sentry Paragon
Gwendolin Basic attacks until level 16
Obyn Greenfoot Main attacks
Ezili Main attacks
Adora Main attacks
in-game screenshot of bloons in btd6
Ninja Kiwi
Camo Bloons need to be revealed first before your units can attack them.

When do purple Bloons spawn in BTD6?

Knowing exactly when purple Bloons spawn in Bloons TD6 can help you to prepare your strategy and give you the upper hand that you need to win the round. Check out the table below to know exactly when you’ll come face-to-face with them:

Round Number Number of Bloons Type of Bloons
25 10 Normal
32 10 Normal
45 10 Camo
48 30 Camo Regrowth
62 250 Normal
78 80 Normal
95 500 Camo Regrowth
101 450 Normal
103 198 Normal
104 200 Normal
107 444 Camo
109 15 Normal
116 400 Normal
129 77 Camo
132 200 Camo

With all of this information at your disposal, you’ll be well on your way to standing your ground against one of the hardest types of Bloons in Bloons TD 6.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about popping purple Bloons in BTD6.

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