Bloodhunt players demand nerfs to Nosferatu’s “overpowered” Prowler and Saboteur

Lauren Bergin
Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt Nosferatu prowler hunting

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt’s most popular clan is the underground Nosferatu, but players are calling for nerfs to the Prowler and Saboteur classes as they continue to dominate the battle royale. 

In the Bloodhunt hierarchy, the elusive Nosferatu clan reign supreme. Ranked top of our best clans tier list for solo play, their power over the Brujah and Toreadors has continued to cause issues.

With the Brujah unable to run into brawls because of the Prowler’s irritating bat scouts, and the Toreador classes struggling to face up to the raw power that comes with the Saboteur, players have grown more and more frustrated with the underground bloodsuckers.

This irritation has snowballed into players demanding that Bloodhunt’s Nosferatu clan receives a huge nerf on the whole, and it had better come sooner rather than later.

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt nosferatu clan
The Nosferatu have quickly become Bloodhunt’s most hated class.

Bloodhunt players want Prowler & Saboteur nerfs

Bloodhunt’s official subreddit has been inundated with players demanding that adjustments be made to the terrifying night-stalkers.

“If we do a balance patch, nerf Prowler and buff Siren,” writes one irritated player, going on to call Prowler the “clear best” class in the game. “Nosferatu are obviously the strongest. It’s no contest,” another commenter responds.

The main issue appears to be with their Scouting Famulus ability, which allows them to send out a cauldron of bats that scout the area they’re sent to. These bats remain in place until a player casts the ability again, making them one of the most powerful tools in the game.

“Prowler bats are just way too overpowered,” notes a second post. “They stay on the ground for too long, appear to glitch and allow you to place multiple ones over time (same with the sewer bomb), and reveal you for too long. It’s game changing on [sic] a team fight.

“I think a good start is to reduce the time they are active and make them disappear,” they continue. “Also only one set of bats should be placed at a time. Another good change could be allowing players to shoot them (scare off or kill.)”

As Sharkmob continues to experiment with the game, it’ll be interesting to see whether the Nosferatu eventually see their reign of terror cut short. Until then, be sure to look to the skies – you never know what’s lurking above you.