Bloodhunt devs confirm upcoming nerfs for Nosferatu’s “OP” Prowler & Saboteur

Bloodhunt Nosferatu vampire sliding while using two crossbowsSharkmob

The Nosferatu clan are currently top of the food chain when it comes to Vampire The Masquerade’s battle royale, Bloodhunt, but Sharkmob’s devs have promised nerfs are coming to the Prowler and Saboteur. 

Shrouded in mystery, the Nosferatu Clan have swarmed out of the sewers and dominated the streets of Prague in Sharkmob’s Vampire The Masquerade battle royale, Bloodhunt.

Clearly the best Clan in the Bloodhunt at the moment, players have been calling for nerfs to both the Prowler and Saboteur classes, with the former being the target of most fan anger.

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In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Game Director Craig Hubbard revealed that balance changes are on the horizon for the stealthy bloodsuckers, and that they’re coming soon.

Bloodhunt Saboteur invisible on a rooftop looking out over pragueSharkmob
You might be invisible, Saboteur, but you’re not immune to Sharkmob’s nerfing power.

Bloodhunt devs confirm Prowler & Saboteur nerfs

When telling Dexerto about their favorite Archetypes to play, Hubbard dropped a little hint that the Prowler and Saboteur’s reigns of terror will be coming to an end relatively soon.

“Lately I’m mainly playing the Brute in solo. In groups, I gravitate to Muse or Siren,” he confessed. “I love playing the Prowler, but I’m abstaining until we can make some balance adjustments, as we agree that it’s a bit OP at the moment.”

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Going on to confirm that the “first tweaks should be coming soon,” we’ll likely see the powerful creatures slink back into the waters of the underground before long.

The form these nerfs will take, though, remain a mystery. Players have begged Sharkmob to lower the amount of time that the Prowler’s Scouting Famulus (bats) are active for – or at least allow you to kill the swarm. So, this infamous ability may be top of the nerf list.

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Vampire jumps on a human from aboveSharkmob
Players have constantly had their eyes on the skies, but hopefully, the Nosferatu’s dominance is soon to be over.

As Bloodhunt continues to develop we can’t wait to see how the meta changes. With the introduction of new clans – including the Ventrue according to Sharkmob Co-founder and IP & Communications Director Martin Hultberg – the game will no doubt shift in a different direction.

So, Toreador on top soon guys? My Muse is excited to deafen the competition!

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