Bloodborne Remastered troll goes viral ahead of PlayStation State of Play

. 4 weeks ago
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As we approach Sony’s latest State of Play, Bloodborne Remastered was reportedly leaked and fans were excited at the possibility of one of the brand’s greatest games in recent memory being brought to PS5. Only, it appears that a cheeky troll may have spread misinformation.

Whereas 2022 has been a phenomenal year for developers FromSoftware due to the success of Elden Ring, they’ve previously found a lot of success with the Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls games, but also with Bloodborne.

The setting of Yharnam is a grotesque, gothic dystopia that players have reveled in since the game’s release in 2015. It’s been lauded since then with many people claiming it to be their favorite Souls game, and it’s ours too. Bloodborne came back into the spotlight recently when a leak suggested that the game was going to be remastered for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

It appears though that there was more to this purported rumor than originally met the eye.

amygdala boss in bloodborne
Some of the horrors in Bloodborne would look crisper and creepier remastered on PS5.

Bloodborne Remastered leak turns out to be fake

Nibellion is a popular leaker video game leaker with nearly 400k followers on Twitter and is normally pretty accurate with any rumors.

So it was only natural for fans to see Nibellion’s reports that “Bloodborne Remastered is coming to PS5 in August 2022 and PC in Q2 2023” and immediately get excited about the possibility. There have been cries for a Bloodborne sequel for a long time now, so a remaster of the first game would fill that void.

Only…this account wasn’t the real Nibellion, just a very similar account in terms of its profile picture and username — the first “i” being capitalized when the real account isn’t.

Two things are a major giveaway that the Bloodborne Remaster leak wasn’t real. The first being that the real Nibellion actually commented on the post.

Also, if actually you click on the link attached to the Tweet, it takes you to an official PlayStation blog post, but from 2015, and it’s a preview for Bloodborne.

A quick browse of the replies will show that many people were baited by the troll. “Well, it better be real since I fell for it then RTed and now my followers will be mad at me for sharing a fake, sorry everyone,” said one Twitter user.

So if you’ve seen the rumors of a Bloodborne Remastered on the way, we’re sorry to say it’s merely a Hunter’s Dream for now, and we’d guess it definitely won’t be at State of Play June 2022.

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