Bloodborne 2 concept in UE5 has players buzzing for a sequel

bloodborne 2 concept video unreal engine 5

An incredible Bloodborne 2 concept built in Unreal Engine 5 has fans of the acclaimed PS4 title buzzing for a proper sequel.

FromSoftware shipped Bloodborne on PS4 in early 2015, then later expanded upon the experience with The Old Hunters DLC.

While it followed the same basic gameplay structure as previous Souls titles, Bloodborne flipped the script by boasting faster-paced gameplay and an emphasis on offensive maneuvers.

The game’s commercial success and widespread acclaim led many to believe a sequel was a given. However, more than seven years have passed since its release and Bloodborne has yet to receive so much as a PS5 upgrade patch.

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Bloodborne 2 concept in UE5 warrants praise

bloodborne the old huntersBloodborne fans still long for a remaster or sequel.

YouTube channel Enfant Terrible created a fan-made concept trailer for Bloodborne 2 using Unreal Engine 5.

The two-plus-minute video features a host of Yharnam-inspired environments, many of which were created by artists such as Joaquin Perez, Daniel Martinez, and Andrea Linea.

Viewers in the comments section have gushed about the concept trailer endlessly. One user, Revtale, said they hope a potential Bloodborne 2 will feature the “same world building” imagined in the video.

Others like Morghan Cross and Suspended November applauded the beautifully rendered atmosphere. And DeeRant pondered what possibilities would await if FromSoftware were to build Bloodborne 2 on Unreal Engine 5.

To the chagrin of countless fans, there’s currently no clear sign that FromSoftware and Sony intend to revisit the world of Bloodborne.

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That hasn’t stopped Soulsborne faithful from voicing their wishes, though. Bloodborne regularly trends on Twitter, for example, often sparking discourse about uncorroborated rumors and leaks.

But the spirit of Bloodborne and other Souls games continues to live on, evidenced by FromSoftware’s successful release of Elden Ring earlier this year.