Black Myth Wukong: Trailers, gameplay & everything we know

Black Myth Wukong logoGame Science

Black Myth: Wukong is an upcoming action RPG developed by the Chinese studio Game Science. After showcasing the title’s breathtaking graphics and impactful combat in a surprise announcement last year, here’s all we know about the title.

It’s not very often that an RPG developed by an indie game developer generates so much hype and excitement among players. Seemingly out of the blue, Chinese game developer Game Science released a 13-minute gameplay trailer back in 2020 of their upcoming RPG Black Myth: Wukong, and it’s fair to say it took the internet by storm. It also contains Soulslike elements.

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The video has received over 10 million views on IGN’s YouTube channel alone and has become one of the most highly-anticipated upcoming RPGs. With breathtaking landscapes and crisp combat, Black Myth: Wukong is shaping up to be an RPG fan’s dream. Without further ado, let’s check out everything we know about the game and when we can expect it to release.


Black Myth Wukong worldGame Science
Black Myth: Wukong is based on Chinese folklore.

Does Black Myth: Wukong have a release date?

Unfortunately, as of yet, Game Science has not revealed the official release date for Black Myth: Wukong, but it is expected to drop in summer 2024.

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Although this will be disappointing for some, the developers have made it clear on their website, translated by Gematsu, that they’ll only release the game when they’re fully satisfied that the experience is polished and finished.

“While we will not necessarily need 500 years to finish, we will ship it only when we feel satisfied as players.” They continue, even hinting at the possibility of a series of games in the future: “After all, more works in the Black Myth series are in serious planning.”

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The best we can do is keep our fingers crossed that an announcement of the official release date is revealed soon.

Black Myth Wukong screenshotGame Science
Sun Wukong is a legendary figure in Chinese mythology.

Black Myth: Wukong story and plot

At this point in time, we know very little about the specifics of the game’s story. Game Science has remained tight-lipped on that aspect of the game so we can only go off what we’ve seen in the two official trailers.

What we do know, is that the game is based on the book ‘Journey to the West’ and revolves around Sun Wukong, a legendary mythic figure in Chinese folklore. Known for his strength, agility, and ability to shift into various forms, Wukong is an incredibly powerful being.

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No doubt Game Science has an incredible story and world for players to explore, let’s hope we find out more details soon.

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Black Myth: Wukong trailers

Check out the Black Myth: Wukong trailer below:

While fans still didn’t get a release date, another trailer premiered at Gamescom 2023. Set in the 16th century, the game’s footage heavily focuses on Chinese folklore.

Black Myth: Wukong platforms

Although the developers have not confirmed exactly which platforms Black Myth: Wukong will be released on, we can assume the title will come to both next-gen consoles as well as PC.

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As the title is far away from release, it’s extremely unlikely the game will arrive on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but we’ll have to wait and see to be completely sure.

It’s obvious Game Science is looking to push the graphical capabilities of all game systems to the max with this title, so it should be a sight to behold when it finally arrives.

Black Myth Wukong weaponGame Science
Wukong can transform into various animals and creatures.

At this time, that’s everything we know about Game Science’s upcoming action RPG, Black Myth: Wukong. We’ll just have to hope it isn’t long before a release date is confirmed.

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In the meantime, rest assured we’ll keep this page updated with the latest information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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