Best Valheim mods to download in 2023 from More Slots to Valheim Plus

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Valheim is a Viking-themed open-world survival game that has a community that has already created some impressive mods. Here are the best Valheim mods in 2023.

Valheim’s early access began on February 2, 2021, and since then, its modding community has been actively improving the game with their own changes. The hope is that Valheim’s mods will inspire the game’s developers to add them to the final version, or to at least add similar mechanics – and help players find glory in Valhalla!

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The game is a sandbox, survival experience where the player controls a Viking seeking Valhalla. As the game is still a work in progress, the various Valheim mods have been created to make the experience easier and more fun. Here’s everything you need to know about Valheim’s mods, and a selection of the most popular ones.


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Valheim shows a lot of promise and mods really enhance the experience.

How to install Valheim mods

Players can download Valheim mods from However, it also helps to use a mod manager to keep track of the different ones on offer. We’d recommend the trusted Valheim mod manager Valheim.Thunderstore r2modman. The mods here are safe from harmful software and the system is easy to use.

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While players can simply download every individual mod from Nexus mods, the Valheim.Thunderstore means they don’t need to. Instead, players can simply install this software, select a mod, then follow the on-screen prompts to download and install it.

Those downloading from Nexus mods will need to open the game’s files in Windows Explorer/macOS Finder, right-click on the correct folder, then transfer the mods files into that folder. Each mod is different, however, but its instructions will reveal where the files need to be placed.

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How to enable mods in Valheim

Valheim mods are manually installed, therefore the game does not feature an inbuilt option to enable them. However, this can be achieved through the use of a mod manager or by following the individual mod instructions on Nexus mods.

Are Valheim mods available on console?

No. As Valheim is a PC-only game, neither it, nor its mods are available on console.

However, if Valheim does come to console, its mods are likely to remain PC only. It’s only in rare exceptions like Skyrim when mods come to console. If this changes, we’ll be sure to update this information.

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Mods make gathering resources much easier.

Valheim Gameplay mods

Each of the below Valheim mods can be used to change or enhance certain gameplay features:

Valheim Plus

The Valheim Plus mod has been created to improve the overall experience. It features a variety of quality-of-life options that make the game more manageable.

The list of improvements included in Valheim Plus is too large to put here, but the mod allows players to tailor the experience more to their liking. Be it adjusting carry weight, stamina regeneration, or workbench radius, Valheim Plus is the most popular mod available due to its many offerings.

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SkToolbox – Console and Chat Functionality Extender

The mod doesn’t have a catchy name, but the Console and Chat Functionality Extender does exactly what it says. The mod streamlines the console commands so players can tweak Valheim without inputting codes.

It also makes chatting easier and less fiddly. This mod essentially reduces the importance of the console, integrating its functions in more helpful ways.

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Time Mod

The time mod is essentially a pause function. It allows the player to freeze time so that the world stops. This is very helpful for players who need to leave their computers but don’t want to log off. The base game does not allow pausing, so this mod is extremely useful.

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Custom Textures

Players that really want to get creative can use this mod to replace and alter the textures of anything in Valheim. It takes some getting used to, but with practice, the mod can be very rewarding. Most players use the mod for more player skin options.

Unrestricted Portals

This mod gives the player more control over portals, and what they can carry through them. No longer will certain objects be restricted when going through a portal.

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Valheim features lots of creatures from Norse mythology.

Valheim Inventory/Item mods

The next set of Valheim mods allows the player more control over their inventories and items:

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Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel Pull from Containers

While the name of this mod doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, it’s still an incredibly useful one. This Valheim mod gives players access to chest resources without needing to open them.

Providing the player is in range of crafting structures, they’ll be able to plunder resources from nearby chests, saving them the trouble of gathering them manually. Essentially, the mod represents (near) infinite resources without the hassle of finding them.

Equipment and Quick Slots

This mod removes your armor from your inventory, giving it its own dedicated space and freeing up your slots for more items.  It basically separates your items and equipment so you can carry more of both.

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Discard Inventory Items

The vanilla version of Valheim doesn’t let players dispose of items. They can be thrown away but will stay on the ground indefinitely. This mod changes this so that any item you’d like to get rid of can be permanently deleted forever. While it doesn’t sound that useful, it really helps de-clutter the map.

More Slots

This Valheim mod lets the player upgrade their inventory from 8 slots to unlimited. Thanks to this mod, players can now carry as much as they like.

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Quick Stack

This mod lets the player stack items within their inventory, then move that whole stack into a storage container in one click of a button. This was something the base game wouldn’t allow, so it saves a lot of time and effort for players.

Here are a few more handy Valheim guides to help you out:

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