Best mods to download for 7 Days to Die in 2022

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7 days to die
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7 Days to Die is a popular zombie survival title but using mods on PC can help streamline the game, making it more accessible. Here are the best 7 Days to Die mods to try in 2022.

The vanilla 7 Days to Day experience is a triumph to be sure, but sprinkling a few mods into the mix can make your zombie slaying slightly easier.

Installing a few mods in 7 Days to Die essentially increases your survival chances, although it also takes away some of the repetitive nature of the game, letting players experience it their preferred way.

There are many 7 Days to Die mods out there and available to download, but we’ve selected 7 that we feel improve the game the most.


7 Days to Die was released in 2013
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7 Days to Die has been out since 2013 but continues to expand.

How to install 7 Days to Die mods

To install mods in 7 Days to Die just follow these simple instructions:

  1. First, create a folder called ‘Mods’ within the game’s files within your main Steam files. The file path may look like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die.
  2. Next, download the mods you want from NexusMods or from dedicated 7 Days to Die mod sites like this one.
  3. Now, extract the mod from the folder it came in and place the (Example)ModFolder3 into you’re the Mods folder you created in step one. Remember, this needs to be the folder that contains the xml file, as that is the mod itself.
  4. Finally, enable mods and run the game with the mod installed.

How to enable mods in 7 Days to Die

To enable mods in 7 Days to Die, enter ‘Settings’ and select mods. Now check the box to ‘enabled’.

Are mods available on console?

Currently, only the PC versions of 7 Days to Die have access to mods. While the game is available on Xbox One and PS4, these versions are not compatible with the mods below.

The survival horror gameplay of 7 Days to Die is a staple in the survival genre
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7 Days to Die mods can transform the experience.

7 Days to Die gameplay mods

Here are the 7 best mods we’d recommend trying on 7 Days to Die:

Electricity No Wires

While we know removing wires from your settlement is pretty boring as far as mods go, they can be frustrating to deal with in 7 Days to Die, so getting rid of them is a real improvement. It’s less realistic to be sure, but anyone who’s spent a decent amount of time on the game will tell you, installing wires just isn’t fun in 7 Days to Die. They also look ugly as sin.

This mod removes wires from your camp, but still allows you to power your electrical devices. Those who can’t be bothered arranging their wires or hate how they look should download this as soon as possible.

Download here: Electricity No Wires (by ocbMaurice)

HDHQ Overhaul

This 7 Days to Die mod is a helpful quality of life improvement that smooths the textures of the game and helps the lighting look more realistic. Ray tracing this is not, but it certainly helps an aging game feel more in step with today’s visual standards. There are also 2K and 4K options to really create an immersive atmosphere.

Download here: HDHQ Overhaul (by DUST2DEATH)

7 days to die zombies
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Mods help players turn 7 Days to Die into more of an action game, rather than a survival game.

The Wasteland

This mod is clearly a nice nod to Bethesda’s Fallout series. This turns your camp into a Vault Tech-inspired settlement, complete with raiders, mutants, and other Fallout staples. Nuka-Cola also makes an appearance. If you wish 7 Days to Die was a little more like the Capital Wasteland, then this mod is for you.

Download here: The Wasteland (by bdubyah)

Better Homes and Worlds – Complete Collection

This fan-favorite 7 Days to Die mod combines a collection of older mods into one complete package. It’s a lot of content but will allow you to really go to town on your camps, turning them into the perfect home. Those who spend more time crafting and building than fighting zombies in 7 Days to Dies will love this mod.

Download here: Better Homes and Worlds – Complete Collection (by Nuvar)

More Skill Points Per Level

This mod is essential for anyone who wants to jump straight into the action in 7 Days to Die. It essentially changes the way you level up by providing successively more skill points as you climb the rants.

The base game allocates only one skill point per level, while this mod starts by giving you two, then eventually ten per level. It’s a brilliant way to craft the ideal build without so much grinding.

Download here: More Skill Points Per Level (by Flak)

7 days to die menus
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Navigating menus can be dull, mods can help limit this.

Lucky Looter AIO

Simply put, this mod in 7 Days to Die will take the tedium out of farming for item drops. It also makes your drops make more sense. If you loot a medical facility, for example, you’re likely to find more medical supplies than anywhere else. The mod also helps you find more of each item to save you time rummaging around an area waiting for specific item drops. It’s incredibly useful.

Download here: Lucky Looter AIO (by 13erserk)

Grow Crops Without Farm Plots & Quickstack

We’re cheating a bit here, as these are two separate mods, but we feel they work really well together. They also work well with the Lucky Looter AIO mod, so consider getting all three. Growing crops without farms allows you to skip the farming aspect of the game but keep your camp supplied at the same time. Of course, this is only for those who find farming in a zombie game boring, which we appreciate isn’t everyone.

This works well with the QuickStack mod because it allows you to drop as many items as you like into the same slot within a storage container straight from your inventory. It also can be done without even opening the container. The idea is to let you gather and store as many things are you want, without constantly juggling between menus.

Download here: Grow Crops Without Farm Plots (by fatrap)QuickStack (by Westwud)

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