Best Elder Scrolls: Oblivion console commands on PC

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Players should use console commands in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to expand on the game’s mechanics and unlock new, fun features. So we’ve found the best ones to use on PC and put them in this handy guide.

Despite being a fair few years old now, Bethesda’s unbelievable RPG title is still one of the finest ever crafted. Oblivion took the Elder Scrolls series to new heights, and players still find themselves going back and replaying the adventure time and time again.

Even though Skyrim’s multiple rereleases have replaced Oblivion as the de facto Elder Scrolls title, Oblivion is still a classic. Skyrim has its own console commands, and so does Oblivion.

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From enabling to God mode to changing how the world around you looks, Oblivion’s console commands provide a lot of freedom to customize the game.


Basic Oblivion console commands

a soldier fighting in oblivion

Your first selection of console commands is full of very basic ones that can tinker with Oblivion’s moment-to-moment gameplay. These small manipulations of the game’s mechanics can make the world of difference and offer a completely different experience to what you’d find normally.

Code Effect
showsubtitle Toggles NPC subtitles
tai Toggle AI
tcai Toggle combat AI
tcl Toggle collision. If done with no target, toggles noclip on player.
pcb Purge cell buffer
tdetect Toggle AI detection
tdt Toggle debug text
tfc Toggle freeflying camera
tfow Toggle fog of war; entire local area map revealed.
tfh Toggle full help
tg Toggle grass
tgm Toggles God Mode
thd Toggle Heads up Picture in Picture
tlb Toggle Lite Brite. This greatly brightens the world, and significantly improves performance.
tll Toggle land LOD
tlv Toggle leaves
tm Toggles menus
tmg Toggle Motion Guide
tmm <#> Toggle all map markers 1=Show 0=Hide
ts Toggle sky
tt Toggle trees; All trees turn invisible, but still clip.
twf Toggle wireframe mode
twr Toggle water radius
tws Toggle water rendering

Targeted console commands

a dragon creature on the move in oblivion

If you want to change how NPCs behave or act then targeted console commands are the perfect way of doing this. Find out all the different ways in which you change character behavior below.

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Code Effect
activate Activate target
disable Disables an object or NPC, removing it from the world.
enable Enables an object or NPC, bringing it back into the world.
removeallitems Removes all items from player character’s inventory
addspell Adds spell to character’s spell list
removespell Removes spell from character’s spell list
dispel Dispels a specific magic effect from target. Works on enchantment effects affecting target.
dispelallspells Dispel all spell-based magic effects from target. Does not work on enchantment effects affecting target.
createfullactorcopy Clones target actor. Warning: if you copy a follower and then disable them, the game will act as if they were still following you, thus not allowing you to recruit any more members of that faction until that clone is killed or sent away.
deletefullactorcopy Deletes a clone of the target actor
DuplicateAllItems Duplicates all items from the target container to the referenced container.
getav Get value of attribute,
setav Sets value of attribute.
kill Kills actor; Specifying
lock <#> Locks Target. <#> is the degree of complexity (1–99). 100 is unpickable/needs a key. No <#> will relock to the original level.
unlock Unlocks targeted object.
moddisposition Modify
moveto ocation > Moves