Best Crown Offerings to pick in Cult of the Lamb: Crowns & Fleeces to get first

Best Crown Offerings in Cult of the Lamb guideMassive Monster

Crown Offerings are the key to acquiring new Crowns and Fleeces in Cult of the Lamb but which should you pick first? Here are the best options to select as soon as possible.

As you progress throughout Cult of the Lamb, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock powerful items through the Crown Offering system. Here, you can exchange rare resources to pick from 10 unique rewards.

With four Crowns and six Fleeces to choose from, which order should you pick them in? Some are objectively better than others but a select few are outright game-changing in the right hands.

So to give you some guidance, here’s our breakdown of the best Crown Offerings to choose right away in Cult of the Lamb.

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How to unlock Crowns in Cult of the Lamb

First things first, it’s essential you know how Crowns are unlocked in Cult of the Lamb. With only four available throughout the game, you may have already connected the dots.

With four main areas and four bosses tied to them, that’s your key to acquiring Crowns. Just by clearing a region’s boss for the first time, you’ll be given a Crown to then unlock a powerful ability. But which should you choose first? More on that below.

Strongest Crown to get first in Cult of the Lamb

Without question, Omnipresence is the Crown you want to grab first in Cult of the Lamb. This particular unlock enables you to ‘focus’ and instantly return to home base while in the middle of a Crusade run.

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Regardless of how far through you might be, or how dire your situation is, this Crown can send you back to your camp immediately. Not only is it handy when on the verge of death so you don’t lose valuable resources, but it’s also great if your followers are in a crisis.

Cult of the Lamb Omnipresence CrownMassive Monster
The Omnipresence Crown allows you to return home on a dime in Cult of the Lamb.

At various stages throughout Cult of the Lamb, there’s a high chance multiple followers may fall ill or even die when you’re out on a Crusade. Typically, you’d have to continue the full run and reach the ending to teleport back and deal with the fallout. But with the Omnipresence Crown unlocked, you can head back immediately to help the rest of your cult recover.

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How to unlock Fleeces in Cult of the Lamb

Next in the Crown Offering system are Fleeces. With six unique items of clothing available for your lamb protagonist to wear, there’s plenty to choose from. But first, you’ll need Holy Talisman Pieces to unlock them.

Four Holy Talisman Pieces are required for each Fleece and they can be earned in a number of ways. Mainly, it’s worth hearing out every NPC you come across and completing their questlines as soon as possible. From collecting rare fish to playing Knucklebones, almost all side characters in Cult of the Lamb offer up Holy Talisman Pieces as rewards.

While some quests are more challenging or resource-intensive than others, most can be ticked off without too much manual effort. So once you’ve got a completed Holy Talisman at the ready, here’s which Fleece you should unlock first.

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Best Fleece to unlock first in Cult of the Lamb

While the right Fleece for you ultimately boils down to personal preference, our advice is to pick the Fleece of the Fates before any others.

On your Crusades out in the wild, you’ll stumble upon randomized tarot cards to buff your character in a number of ways. Be it extra health or bonus damage, they’re powerful boosts to help on any given run.

Cult of the Lamb Fleece of the FatesMassive Monster
Fleece of the Fates gives you maximum power from the beginning of any Crusade run.

With Fleece of the Fates equipped, you’re able to start every Crusade with four of these tarot cards already in effect. There’s no wasted time searching each room for an upgrade. Instead, you get to start every run at maximum power, making it the optimal Fleece in Cult of the Lamb.

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