Best boss card to pick in MLB The Show’s 5th Inning Program

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5th inning
San Diego Studio

A new Inning Program has landed within MLB The Show 21, and it has once again unveiled some stellar cards for players to unlock and use within Diamond Dynasty. But, is there a clear winner when it comes to these boss cards?

The Inning Programs that San Diego Studios implements monthly for MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty players offer some of the best rewards for simply playing the game. Once again, a new event has been released into the game, and players are amped to grab all the cards available to them.

This time around, the choice may not seem as clear as it has in previous programs, as all three of the cards are incredible in their own regard.

But, we’re going to try and narrow down which cards you should be choosing when you do reach LVL 25 in order to snag the boss card pack!

San Diego Studio
Players will also have another Diamond player choice pack during this program!

Who are the boss cards for the 5th Inning Program?

As with any Inning Program within MLB The Show, players will get to choose from one of three 99 OVR boss cards to add into their collection. This time around, we have the following options.

  • Nolan Ryan – Pitcher
  • Vladimir Guerrero Sr. – Right Fielder
  • Joe Morgan – Second Base

They’re all 99 OVR and have differentiating attributes that may lean one player to opt for one or the other. But, when building a Diamond Dyasnty lineup, there’re a few key points that you be taking note of.

Pitching and power-hitting players are among must-haves for your lineup, being able to shut down your opponent while also hitting HR’s is absolutely key.

Which boss card should I choose?

San Diego Studio
Milestone Nolan Ryan was the first card announced for this event!

The choice really comes down to either Nolan Ryan or Vladimir Guerrero Sr, as the Joe Morgan card lacks the hitting attributes that the Guerrero offers, and one can never have too many pitchers.

Nolan Ryan

Beginning with Ryan, he offers some incredible pitches and also bolsters the Outlier trait. Which, enables his pitches to break the 102 MPH threshold that MLB The Show has, so his pitches will appear a bit faster when facing him.

Nolan throws the following four pitches.

  • 4SFB – 99 MPH +
  • 12-6 Curveball – 81 MPH
  • Circle-Change – 79 MPH
  • Sinker – 95 MPH

While the Curveball and Circle-Change are nice to have, the real pitch is the Sinker, which has been the go-to pitch for Diamond Dynasty this year, and with Ryan’s 99 break rating, this may be an un-hittable pitch.

Vladimir Guerrero Sr.

San Diego Studio
Vlad Sr. will be a force to be reckoned with this year!

On the flip side, we have Vladimir Guerrero Sr. who already appears to be one of the best slugging RF’s currently in the game. Featuring dominant power of 112, and 113 for both sides of the plate, he also offers maxed-out contact against right/left-handed pitchers.

With an added bonus of a 99 OVR arm, it’ll be a breeze to gun down your opponent if they’re trying to run the bases on you.

With all this said, we believe both of these cards are going to be chosen equally as if you are in need of pitching then the Nolan Ryan card can fit nicely in your rotation. But, if you haven’t collected any slugging RF’s or just want a boost to your bats, then the Vlad Sr. card is one you are going to want to opt for.

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