Where to find and destroy Barrier Stones in Ghostwire Tokyo: Blindess quest

A Barrier Stone location in Ghostwire TokyoTango Gameworks

The Blindness quest in Ghostwire Tokyo requires players to find and destroy four Barrier Stones before time runs out, so we’ve got their locations to make completing it a lot easier.

Most quests in Ghostwire Tokyo are relatively straightforward, with a focus on defeating Visitors and heading to marked locations, but there are some quests that require you to solve puzzles that can be a little bit difficult.

One of these takes place during the Blindness quest in Chapter 3 of Ghostwire Tokyo. After failing to cleanse a torii gate, players will need to find and destroy four Barrier Stones to escape and continue their mission.

To make things worse, you’ll be racing against the clock with a 15-minute time limit. While this may seem generous, some of these Barrier Stones are quite hard to find, so we’ve got a location guide to help you out.

A barrier in Ghostwire TokyoTango Gameworks
You’ll need to destroy all four Barrier Stones before the timer runs out.

All Barrier Stone locations in Ghostwire Tokyo: Blindness

It might be the case that Barrier Stones spawn in different places for every player in Ghostwire Tokyo, but these are the four locations we found them, which is a good place to start:

Barrier Stone 1 location

The first Barrier Stone is relatively easy to find, as it’s floating just in front of you. Keep running forwards from where you begin this quest at the torii gate and you should spot it.

Barrier Stone 2 location

This next Barrier Stone is floating in the air near the south side of the barrier. Look up to the sky and use the Tengu (those are the flying spirit birds) to grapple your way onto the roof, then shoot it down.

Barrier Stone 3 location

Here’s another Barrier Stone that’s up in the sky. To destroy this one, head to the northwest corner of the barrier and use the fire escape stairs outside a nearby building or glide across from a Tengu.

Barrier Stone 4 location

The final Barrier Stone is floating in the sky at the east side of the barrier. Follow the road east from the torii gate (watch out for the powerful Visitor!) then look to the sky – you can shoot it from the ground.

A Barrier Stone location in Ghostwire TokyoTango Gameworks
Most of the Barrier Stones are up in the sky, like this fourth one.

That’s all four of the Barrier Stone locations in this area. Once you’ve destroyed them all, the barrier will come down and you’ll be able to continue on your next mission in the game.

It’s a good idea to use your Spectral Vision when searching for Barrier Stones, as they’ll glow with an orange hue – although you can’t always spot them if they’re too far away.

Like we said before, these Barrier Stones may spawn in different locations for each player. If this is the case, use your Spectral Vision to guide you and keep searching the skies.

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