Bandai Namco announces “lovely” new character for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s Ultra Pack 1

Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 fans are getting hyped by the day as the next DLC pack for the game is drawing near, and to build even more excitement Bandai Namco have announced another character releasing in the upcoming Ultra Pack 1.

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Xenoverse 2 has been a hit with players since it released way back in October 2016, but has been noticeably losing developer support as more Dragon Ball titles launched since.

The unsteady flow of content has seen longer periods of delay between DLC drops, but fans are hopeful that will soon change with the developer’s renewed plans to bring more characters to the title.

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Bandai NamcoRibrianne will be included in June’s Ultra Pack 1.

Bandai Namco has already given players a first look at who’ll be coming in Ultra Pack 1, and now fans can look forward to Ribrianne joining the Xenoverse 2 roster come June.

Along with the announcement, Bandai Namco released numerous in-game stills that shows the Team Universe 2 representative in action.

“LOVELY CYCLONE,”Bandai Namco said in their announcement. “Ribrianne is going to bring some extra [love] to DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 when Ultra Pack 1 releases this June.”

Bandai NamcoRibrianne is coming with the big hearts in the upcoming DLC Ultra Pack 1.
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None of the shots showed Ribrianne in her anime base form, instead they showcased moves that look like Eternal Love, the Max Love Cannon and more.

One screenshot even showed Ribrianne with her butterfly wings that she acquires in her Super Ribrianne transformation.

What characters do fans want in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Ultra Pack?

Although Dragon Ball Xenoverse fans have been waiting a long time for new characters in the game, the reception to Bandai Namco’s announcement was mixed as a lot of people were hoping for a more hyped character.

Bandai NamcoAlthough it doesn’t look like she’ll be popular among fans, Ribrianne will be coming to the game when the next DLC drops soon.

“Such a POS character and by far the WORSE in the whole franchise,” Kami Cooper said on the Facebook announcement. “Also it should of been Caulifla, Full Power Bojack SSB Shinka Vegeta, Super 13, Garlic Jr. Roshi or GOD Toppo or just make Xenoverse 3 with more Heroes characters like Xeno, Dark Empire or Cumber and Fu in it.”

Fans should recall that Bandai Namco opted to call their DLC pack to Ultra Pack 1, which hopefully signals a new line of steady content that will include more characters to come in Xenoverse 2.