Baldur’s Gate 3’s cast is back in action for a can’t-miss D&D session

Baldur's Gate 3 D&DWizards of the Coast/Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 does an awesome job of converting the tabletop RPG into a video game. Now the reverse is set to happen with the core cast reprising their roles in a High Rollers D&D one-shot.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has exploded in popularity becoming one of the biggest video game launches of 2023. Its faithful recreation of fifth edition D&D has made it the perfect introduction to the tabletop RPG.

Since its release, fans of the series have been crying out for some sort of D&D crossover with Baldur’s Gate 3’s cast of voice actors. Well, these prayers have been answered, and that crossover is finally coming.

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The folks at High Rollers D&D have announced their plans and are set to go. On September 22 at 11 AM PDT (7 PM BST), Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes will take the Baldur’s Gate 3 cast on their very own D&D adventure.

While they’ll be missing the legendary Matt Mercer of Critical Role fame, the core cast of Baldur’s Gate 3’s colorful companions are set to roleplay their in-game counterparts.

The adventure will feature Neil Newbon as Astarion, Devora Wilde as Lae’zel, Samantha Béart as Karlach, Tim Downie as Gale, Theo Solomon as Wyll, and Jennifer English as Shadowheart.

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It looks like the session may have already been filmed based on the teaser that Larian Studios shared via Twitter. The cast introduced themselves in meme-laden fashion proving how much they keep an eye on the game’s community.

Jennifer English referring to Shadowheart as “God’s favorite princess” was just one of many inside jokes flung around. With a cast this creative, the adventure is set to be a hilarious one.

Some of Baldur’s Gate 3’s cast members have already been putting the work (or play) in with their own playthroughs of the game. While unique shenanigans like Niel Newbon being murdered by his own character aren’t likely to occur on the tabletop, there’s still room for the game’s trademarked randomness.

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Hopefully, this is enough to whet your appetites until the session goes live in what’s sure to be a whimsical adventure.