Attack on Titan fan-made game reaches over 10 million downloads


While fans eagerly await Attack on Titan’s final season, an AoT fan made a free-to-play game for fans to fill the void.

Attack on Titan’s previous season reached new popularity heights in the US. Video game developers tapped into the anime’s popularity with crossovers.

Dead by Daylight collaborated with Attack on Titan with skins for survivors Mikasa, Erin, Armin, and killers in the form of the Armored and War Hammer Titans.

The “Armored Titan” bundle” introduced an Armored Skin and special weapon camo into Warzone. Skins and character packs sell like hot cakes and draw in fans. However, you cant swing around in ODM gear or take down titans in DBD or Warzone.

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Fortunately for Attack on Titan fans, a fan has provided the perfect titan slaying playground.

Attack on Titan fan reveals game development process

armored titan running in cod vanguardActivision
The inclusion of the Armored Titan has divided the CoD community.

Game developer Swammy revealed the process of making an AoT video game. In January of 2021, the game developer set out to create a first-person AoT experience.

Swammy made a playable version of his game and shared it on TikTok. To his surprise, the videos went viral, motivating the game developer to complete the project.

Next, the AoT fan added better graphics and movement and released a playable version on Game Jolt. Thousands of people downloaded the game, and a positive community reaction inspired the indie developer to do more.

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Thousands of fans turned into millions, and the game evolved into a viral sensation with over 10 million downloads. Players can fight titans in an open world, play with friends, or compete in speed runs. Swammy added several updates, such as titan transformations and a new area for players to explore.

The indie game developer announced he is working on an ODM gear update and released a free demo of the upcoming changes. Swammy plans to port the entire game over to Unreal Engine 5.

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