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Asmongold explains why MMO players will never be satisfied with new games

Published: 5/Apr/2022 9:00 Updated: 5/Apr/2022 6:38

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Asmongold believes MMO players will never be satisfied with new games because they’re looking to relive past experiences from old games in a time when the gaming landscape has changed.

MMO players have many games to choose from in 2022. Old classics like Final Fantasy XIV, Old Runescape, and World of Warcraft are still going strong. Lost Ark has also stolen the spotlight so far in 2022.

However, no matter their choice, there’s often a portion of players left feeling disappointed and dissatisfied. Sometimes it’s because of pay-to-win features, while other times it’s a lack of interesting content.


Asmon believes another factor plays a part, too. He claims MMO players want to relive the experiences they had on old games in new ones, which he said is like chasing a mirage because it simply cannot be done.

lost ark warrior player berserker runs at vertus guardian boss
Smilegate RPG
Lost Ark is one of the most popular MMOs in 2022.

“There are a lot of MMO players that are chasing something,” said Asmon. “They’re chasing this experience they had with gaming in the 2000s or the early 2010s. Maybe for some older guys, it’s the 90s.”

“People are constantly looking for the game that will make them feel the same way that they felt whenever they played World of Warcraft for the first time, or ArcheAge, Lineage, Ultima Online, Runescape, or whatever.


“That’s why everybody gets so hyped up about every single MMO that’s about to come out. They hear about it, they get excited about it, and they’re expecting this game to be the next game they can really invest themselves in.”

The WoW Classic experience is based on the nostalgia of playing WoW in its prime.

However, he believes no game is capable of doing that. “As they get closer to it, just like a mirage, the beautiful oasis turns into sand. The fact is that a lot of players are not looking for a game. They’re looking for an experience.

“And that experience, you cannot step in the same river twice. It’s not the same river, and you’re not the same person. And with all these new MMOs coming out, people keep chasing this dragon, and they never seem to catch it.


“The whole world has changed. The way people approach video games has changed. You’ve changed. Gaming has changed. But you’re looking for something that’s the same. How could you ever possibly find that?”

The solution, in Asmon’s view, is to keep expectations in check and even consider playing multiple games. For example, World of Warcraft is historically his ‘main game,’ but he’s playing Lost Ark right now.

He’s also had stints on Final Fantasy XIV, New World, and more. He’s been critical of them all in different ways but judges them for what they are, rather than compare them to World of Warcraft in its prime.