Asmongold gives verdict on Elden Ring after finally playing

Asmongold with Elden Ring backgroundAsmongold

Twitch streamer Asmongold has given his early verdict on Elden Ring after finally getting a chance to play the new game during the gameplay preview.

After years of waiting, gamers across the globe are getting ever closer to finally being able to try their hand at the highly-anticipated Elden Ring.

The upcoming RPG, developed by FromSoftware, is a collaboration with Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin and has had huge hype for years given the studio’s history with the likes of Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne.

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A week ahead of its February 25 release, Twitch star Asmongold finally got the chance to play the new title, and it’s fair to say he absolutely loved it.

Elden Ring logoFromSoftware
Elden Ring features writing from Game of Thrones author George R.R Martin.

During Asmongold’s February 19 stream, the popular Twitch streamer got the chance to briefly Elden Ring during the official gameplay preview.

Immediately right off the bat, Asmon was impressed, to say the least – and that was just from the intro cinematic. “Wow, oh my god dude. I liked that cinematic that shows different picture frames,” said the streamer. “That was really f**king cool. ”

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After just a couple of minutes of playing, the Twitch star just had to commemorate how good the game felt. “I’ll tell you guys right now this plays really really well. Like the graphics are good, like everything about this is so clean.”

(Timestamp at 6:22)

Continuing after playing a little longer, Asmongold unlocked the next section of the map, which the scenery somewhat left him lost for words: “Oh wow, oh my god look at this place. Wow. This is crazy, it’s just like a gigantic open-world.”

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Asmon repeatedly told his viewers just how much “fun” he was having too, with a smile beaming across his face. “This is f**king amazing,” he said. “I like it a lot, I really do, I enjoy it a lot.”

While Asmon’s initial verdict on the new RPG was overwhelmingly positive, we’ll have to wait until the official launch on February 25 to get a clear understanding of how well received the game is by the wider community.

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