Asmongold claims no MMO has ever nailed the PVP experience

asmongold-mmo-pvpBlizzard / Twitch: Asmongold

Asmongold claims no MMO, including leading titles like World of Warcraft and FFXIV, has ever truly nailed the PVP experience and admitted he looks elsewhere to get his competitive fix.

MMOs typically have something for everyone, whether it’s an immersive role-playing experience with a challenging player-versus-environment storyline, an in-depth crafting and profession system, or a thriving community to be involved in.

However, for some players, the biggest kick comes out of the player-versus-player experience, which can happen via arenas, battlegrounds, and on some servers, anywhere throughout the world while traveling around.

Asmon isn’t one of those players, though. It’s not because he doesn’t enjoy it. It’s because he doesn’t believe any game on the market has gotten it right, so he prefers scratching his competitive itch elsewhere.

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Asmon isn’t a fan of the PvP experience in MMOs.

“If I’m looking for a PvP experience, I play a PvP game,” he said during a recent stream.

Although he’s primarily known for playing MMOs and RPGs while live, Asmon has dabbled in competitive shooters like Overwatch and Fortnite.

It’s not like he doesn’t think MMOs are a good fit for PVP. He just thinks nobody has done it right.

I don’t want to go and play some busted ass MMO PvP that’s never balanced right. It’s always f**ked up, and it’s always an afterthought.”

Balance concerns aren’t new. It’s something various MMO communities have complained about for years, and while the meta has ebbed and flowed throughout that time, balancing issues have been rather constant.

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It’s not all doom and gloom for everyone, though. Some MMO players relish the PvP experiences they have, and the fact it ties into other aspects of the game to break things up is a huge win when it comes to versatility.