Arknights Recruitment guide: Best tags to use to find six-star Operators

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In Arknights, there are two ways to unlock characters: Headhunting and Recruitment. While the former uses the well-known gacha method, the latter lets you recruit new Operators for free ⁠— including some of the game’s best characters.

If you’re trying to build out your Arknights team, you’ll need to get well-versed in the methods of unlocking the game’s best characters. While Headhunting is the traditional gacha way of doing things, you can get some great Operators without having to throw your wallet (too hard) at the game.

However, knowing the tips behind Recruitment in Arknights can (almost) guarantee you a five-star character minimum every time ⁠— or at the very least get you the characters you want. Here’s how it works.

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Get six-cost Operators consistently with this guide to Recruitment in Arknights.

How Headhunting works in Arknights: Gacha method

Before we dive too deep into Recruitment, let’s briefly touch on Headhunting in Arknights. The gacha system in Arknights works very similarly to other games. You can earn Headhunting Permits by playing the game or buying it in the shop, and it lets you roll.

There are featured banners for newly-released characters that are worth rolling on if you see someone you like. It is often worth just doing one 10-pull on each banner to get the guaranteed five or six-star character, then move on.

There is also a pity rate for players for the unlucky players. While the base rate for six-star Operators is set at 2%, you are guaranteed one six-star character every 99 pulls. The rate goes up bit-by-bit starting after your 51st roll until you hit 100% chance at that final pull.

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Specific Arknights characters will have increased drop rates depending on the banner.

How Recruitment works in Arknights: Time-based method

Recruitment is a time-based character unlock method in Arknights. You can choose parameters ⁠— like search length and character tags ⁠— to unlock Operators. The longer the search, the better the Operator will be.

Recruitment isn’t entirely free in Arknights ⁠— it will cost you some LMD and a Recruitment Permit every time. However, you can cut the cost by upgrading your HR Office in your base.

While you can get some six-star Operators through Recruitment, not every Arknights character can be unlocked this way. Grani, Bagpipe, Astesia, and Nian are only available through events or Headhunting. A handful of others, including Amiya, Eyjafjalla, and Lappland.

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You want to max out the time of recruitment to ensure the best possible Operators.

Best tags for Arknights Recruitment

The best Recruitment tag you need to look out for in Arknights is Top Operator. Seeing this tag on a nine-hour recruitment time means you’re guaranteed a six-star Operator. The same goes for Senior Operator with its guaranteed five-star.

However, there are some others that will get you even more specific Operators. The Crowd-Control tag will get you Texas, Projekt Red, or Mayer. Summon (Mayer) and Nuker (Firewatch) also grant guaranteed five-star Operators.

If you want to get the five-star Vulcan or Indra ⁠— who are available through Recruitment only ⁠— you need to use the Senior Operator / Guard / DPS tags (for Indra) or Survival / Defense (for Vulcan).

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If you’re unsure, or are targeting a specific Arknights character, be sure to check their tags individually so you can give yourself the best chance of unlocking them!