Ark 2: Gameplay, trailer, platforms & everything we know

Ark 2 T-Rex and main charactersStudio Wildcard

Ark 2 is an upcoming survival sandbox game that pits players against deadly dinosaurs and other humans for ultimate dominance, so here’s everything you need to know about the title – including the release window, trailer, and story details. 

Further details surrounding Ark 2 were revealed at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, giving fans a glimpse into the new survival game. Ark 2 aims to greatly improve upon the original titles combat, crafting, and character progression – providing an experience that is befitting of next-gen hardware. 

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Whether it’s battling the toothy terrors that stalk the vast open-world or crafting deadly weapons to fend off other hunters, Ark 2 is one survival game that you’ll want to add to your release radar. 

So, if you’re intrigued by the upcoming game and want to know more about Ark 2, then our handy hub has all the details you need. 


Is there an Ark 2 release date?

Ark 2 raptors fightingStudio Wildcard
The Ark 2 release date was recently revealed.

Ark 2 will release in 2023. The developers have yet to reveal the exact launch window, but we’ll likely hear more information as we get closer to the title’s debut. This news was announced at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 – an online event that revealed a number of upcoming title releases. 

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Ark 2 platforms

Ark 2 will release on the Xbox Series X|S and PC. While other platforms have yet to be announced, the original game did make its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

Of course, this does not mean that Ark 2 will follow the same pattern, but the developers could reveal further details in the future. 

Ark 2 gameplay

Ark 2 T-Rex encounterStudio Wildcard
Ark 2 aims to improve a lot of the features seen in the original game.

While no Ark 2 gameplay footage has been revealed, the developer noted that players can expect many improvements and new additions. In fact, they announced the following features on the official Ark 2 Steam Store page:

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Cross-platform modding

Fully stackable, user-created Mods for new creatures, items, gameplay features, and maps are now distributed across all platforms, along with support for modded unofficial servers.

Improved traversal and combat mechanics

Advanced character traversal mechanics like mantling, free-climbing, parkour, sliding, and swinging. Player skill-based action that features Target-lock, blocks, dodges, combos, staggers, and special attacks.

Component-based item crafting

Construct your weapons and tools from a range of distinct modules to customize their look and functionality. The store page notes that there are millions of possible combinations, which enable you to craft your own unique gear.

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The specific materials you choose will further affect the appearance of your items, with multiple options of resources found in unique regions of the world.

Ark 2 story

Ark 2 main charactersStudio Wildcard
Yes, that is Vin Diesel riding a T-Rex!

Ark 2’s story revolves around Santiago (Vin Diesel), a legendary hero who aims to protect his daughter Meeka (Auli’i Cravalho) from the ghosts of the ancient past and visions of a new future.

It’s here where players must piece together mysteries of how they arrived there, while also teaming up with other heroes in order to defeat the powerful dark forces seeking to control the fate of all life.

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Ark 2 trailer

The Ark 2 trailer showcased the game’s mysterious new world, giving players a glimpse of the flora and fauna that they will encounter on their travels. While no gameplay was shown, we did get to see the game’s two protagonists, with both Santiago and his daughter Meeka seen riding atop a T-Rex. 

So, there you have it, everything we currently know about Ark 2. Be sure to check out our other release hubs to get the latest info on all the upcoming games. 

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