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Apex Legends teams stop to play Cargo Bot volleyball and it’s hilarious

Published: 22/Jan/2021 15:19

by Connor Bennett


A couple of Apex Legends players have gone viral after they decided to stop their match to play a quick game of Volleyball on World’s Edge using Octane’s Jump Pad and the Cargo Bots. 

Given that the Apex Legends maps are pretty vast, fans of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale have got quite the playground to mess around in.

Yes, the name of the game is to be the last team standing, but you can also have some fun. That stretches all the way back to when the game launched, as players would reach the final circle and decide to finish things with a melee fight instead of using weapons and shields.


As time has gone on, we’ve seen other creative players come up with funny ideas too – some playing basketball with their abilities, and others deciding to try and play golf with the Tridents on Olympus. But now there’s a new one – Volleyball. 

Apex Legends trident fight
Respawn Entertainment
Apex players have got creative with what Respawn has given them.

The hilarious clip comes from Redditor BeanBag373_, who managed to get a few random opponents involved in their quite unusual plan. 

They managed to grab themselves a downed cargo bot without destroying it, and rolled it all the way up near the Epicentre where they had a Volleyball court set up using Octane’s jump pads and Pathfinder’s zipline. 


While you might think that they’d be sitting ducks and that someone might want to ruin the fun, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, more players saw what was going on and decided to join in – quickly figuring out what to do. It’s pretty funny, all in all, as the whole lobby got involved at the end. 

4 VS 4 Volleyball Game from apexlegends

Even though someone tried to take them down as the circle was closing in, the players didn’t stop their game. They carried on until just before the circle starts to become impossible to stand in. 

At that point, it devolved into chaos – slinging grenades, arc stars, and ultimates around. But ultimately, everyone involved had managed to magic up a viral moment and who knows what ideas it will inspire.