Apex Legends pros want Bangalore disabled over ‘one way smoke’ concerns

Bangalore shooting in Apex Legends with Season 12 logoRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends pros Nokokopuffs and NiceWigg have shared concerns over a Bangalore smoke exploit in Season 12, with the former competitive player even suggesting Respawn temporarily “disable” her. 

Since Apex Legends’ launch way back in early 2019, Bangalore has been a fan favorite legend thanks to her strong offensive abilities and all-round likeability. That popularity has remained well into Season 12, with the Professional Soldier remaining one of the most-picked legends.

However, concerns have been raised over a potential exploit relating to her Tactical Smoke Launcher which, as it seems, allows her to obscure a large area with clouds of smoke.

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Apex Legends Bangalore EditionRespawn Entertainment
Bangalore’s pick rate has remained above 5% for some time.

Tweeting on February 11, TSM’s Nokokopuffs asked: “Question… Is Bangalore broken right now? Or has it always been like this? I am seeing a whole lot of Bangalores and wasn’t understanding why. Is this why? is this a bug?”

Attached to his query was a short clip showing an opposing player – Shooby – using Bangalore’s Tactical in a gunfight. From the perspective of the player, Bangalore becomes impossible to discern in clouds of smoke.

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However, when the Bangalore’s perspective is shown, she is able to clearly see through the plumes of smoke and lock her sights on her enemy, leading some to question whether this ‘one way smoke’ is at all fair.

100 Thieves player NiceWigg chimed in to say that it’s “super bugged” and that it has the potential to be abused in games of all standards.

Nokokopuffs, replying to Apex content creator sweetdreamsh1, even suggested that Bangalore be temporarily removed from the game because of the problems.

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He said: “They need to disable her low key LOL. This sh*t is insane.”

Some players echoed the concerns shared by Apex’s prominent voices, but others countered them by suggesting Bangalore’s lack of buffs in recent seasons mean the exploit has kept her viable in Apex’s changing meta.

Respawn have not yet signaled their intentions with regards to ‘one way smokes’, but the player base will want answers if the exploit becomes widespread.

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