All Terraria bosses: Normal and Hard mode, HP, Summoning items

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Bosses in Terraria are a significant challenge for players and there are quite a few of them in the game. Here’s a complete rundown of all the bosses in order, along with their abilities.

Like most other games, bosses in Terraria appear in various shapes, sizes, and levels of difficulty. Before you go ahead and lock horns, they’ll need to be summoned in the game.

Terraria consists of two modes – Normal World and Hard Mode. You need to defeat all the bosses in the Normal World first before getting access to the Hard Mode bosses.

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If you’re wondering how many Terraria bosses you need to defeat to complete the game, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know.


terraria bossesRe-Logic
Terraria offers some bosses that’ll prove to be a challenge for sure.

How many bosses are there in Terraria?

In the Normal World of Terraria, you’ll face a total of seven bosses. After progressing to the Hard Mode, a total of 10 bosses will appear.

While you need to beat some of these bosses to progress onto the next level, others are optional. This means you may or may not fight them but you’d still be able to complete your game.

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Is there any order of bosses in Terraria?

In the world of Terraria, there is no particular order to defeat the bosses. You may fight them whenever you feel like it, as long you know the way to summon them in the first place.

However, all of these bosses can be sorted in an order of difficulty. So, here’s the list of all the bosses in the same order along with their HP and summoning item:

World Type Boss Name HP Summoning Item
Normal World
King Slime 2,000 Slime Crown
Queen Bee 3,400 Break Bee Larva
Eye of Cthulhu 2,800 Suspicious Looking Eye
Eater of Worlds 7,500 Worm Food
Brain of Cthulhu 2,000 plus 100 per Creeper (20+) Bloody Spine within Crimson
Skeletron 4400 + 600 per Hand (2) Clothier Voodoo Doll
Wall of Flesh 8,000 Guide Voodoo Doll
Hard Mode
Queen Slime 36,720 (all parts combined) Gelatin Crystals
The Destroyer 80,000 Mechanical Worm
The Twins 43,000 (combined) Mechanical Eye
Skeletron Prime 28,000 plus 31,000 (all four arms combined) Mechanical Skull
Plantera 30,000 Break Plantera’s Bulb with Pickaxe
Golem 80,000 (all body parts combined) Lihzahrd Power Cell
Empress of Light 124,950 (all parts combined) Kill a Prismatic Lacewing
Lunatic Cultist 32,000 Respawns outside Dungeon one game day after defeat
Duke Fishron 50,000 Truffle Worm with Fishing Rod on Ocean
Moon Lord 145,000 (all body parts combined) Destroy all Four Celestial Pillars or Celestial Sigil
An image from Terraria with the logo in the top left cornerRe-Logic
Some bosses in Terraria are optional.

Who is the strongest boss in Terraria?

The strongest bosses in the game are undoubtedly Moon Lord and Duke Fishron. Despite having a lesser HP than the rest of the bosses in the Hard Mode, they can be quite tough nuts to crack.

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As we have mentioned in the table above, both of these bosses appear after you’ve unlocked the Hard Mode of the game.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about all the bosses present in Terraria.

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